battenfeld-cincinnati USA: Continued Success and New Equipment Showcase

In 2012, battenfeld-cincinnati USA (formerly American Maplan Corporation – AMC) introduced itself to the North American market under the battenfeld-cincinnati brand. Since then, the plant in McPherson, Kansas, has continued to provide complete, energy-efficient and flexible high-performance extrusion solutions for pipe, profile, sheet and thermoforming sheet. A variety of co-extrusion options and high-tech pipe heads for multi-layer applications as well as twin screws with tailored wear resistance features are also available. At NPE 2015, battenfeld-cincinnati USA will introduce new equipment and showcase its competence in large diameter pipe extrusion at its booth number W1810 in West Hall.

battenfeld-cincinnati has more than 100 years of experience in the extrusion sector. It provides not only extruders and pipe dies, but also modular downstream equipment for pipe, profile and sheet production including vacuum and cooling tanks, calibration tables, haul-offs, cutting tools and start-up aids for pipe extrusion. This means battenfeld-cincinnati can offer complete production systems from a single source and support for the complete life cycle – from the initial idea to comprehensive after-sales services.

New machine sizes for the successful twinEX and solEX machine series

The parallel twin screw extruder twinEX range has been expanded with the industry's highest-output large diameter machine: the twinEX 148-28.

The twinEX 148-28 was designed and engineered to meet the growing demand for large diameter PVC pipe extrusion and high-output profile extrusion in the North American market. It is also suited for foamed PVC sheet applications. Customers' feedback was considered to design an extruder that optimally fits the market's needs and each machine has screws tailored for the application and material used for the most efficient use of resources. The twinEX 148-28 also has a Z design gearbox with the main motor in the back for easy maintenance and can process both virgin and regrind PVC with output rates of up to 2,000 kg/h (4,400 lbs/hr).

The solEX high-performance single screw extruder series yields high outputs with low melt temperatures and homogeneous melt for polyolefin materials. It has been extended by a new machine, the solEX 150. This extruder is particularly suited for the demands of the growing large diameter heavy wall PO pipe market. The solEX 150 offers outputs of up to 2,750 kg/h (6,000 lbs/hr) for PE-HD applications. Due to its continuous speed control and the bi-metallic air-cooled barrel with high-conveying capacity feed section, paired with engineered barrier screw design, the solEX 150 is energy-efficient in its operation.

Complete large diameter pipe extrusion systems from the technology leader

As a leader in large diameter pipe extrusion, battenfeld-cincinnati offers PE pipe lines of diameters up to 2,500 mm (~ 8 ft 2 inches) and PVC pipe lines of diameters up to 1,600 mm (~ 5 ft 2 inches). More than 100 polyolefin and PVC pipe extrusion lines for diameters from 800 mm (~ 2 ft 7 inches) upwards have been successfully installed worldwide so far.

Energy efficiency and excellent finished product quality are crucial to ensure optimal utilization of material and energy, especially for such large dimensions. battenfeld-cincinnati provides complete line solutions including extruders with high outputs and optimal melt quality, and offers an extensive range of pipe heads that achieve optimal wall thickness distribution, ovality and low sagging thanks to the proprietary internal cooling technology. One such large diameter pipe project is showcased in a video at battenfeld-cincinnati's booth.

Worldwide success for thermoforming sheet equipment

As a proven technology leader in thermoforming sheet extrusion, battenfeld-cincinnati has successfully installed more than 250 high-speed extruder systems for thermoforming sheet in the field. The company also provides a range of innovative downstream solutions, one of which – the Multi-Touch roll stack - will be shown at NPE.

The demand for increased outputs is going beyond the cooling capacity of conventional roll stacks. The possible solutions – wider lines or bigger roll diameters – often lead to lower quality and require more space, as well as making the equipment more difficult to handle.

Following the extruder development principle "speed is everything", the new Multi-Touch roll stack has been developed. With the objective of running one web only for every output, the sheet passes through multiple nips. The unique design of the new roll stack creates uniform cooling on the top and the bottom side of the sheet. Due to a much higher cooling efficiency, the transparency of semi-crystalline polymers like PP and PE is significantly better. Additionally, the tolerances can be reduced dramatically.

battenfeld-cincinnati will present the Multi-Touch 1400 that has been developed particularly for the US market. Since its introduction in 2012, the Multi-Touch roll stack has been sold 15 times all over the world, both in complete lines and to complement existing ones.

Wide range of co-extrusion solutions that are easy to adjust and save space

At NPE, battenfeld-cincinnati shows two examples. The conEX range from 38 to 63 mm is particularly suited as co-extruders for pipe and profile applications. A conEX 63 from the versatile conical twin screw series will be displayed in a co-extrusion set-up on a pedestal mount with 4-axis adjustment with the twinEX 148-28. This extruder configuration could, for example, be used for foam core, triple-walled pipe extrusion, PVC fence and siding.

The coEX 25-20 is a compact, flexible co-extruder that can be used for low-output utility profile extrusion or as a co-extruder to apply color stripes. It is produced at battenfeld-cincinnati China, has a maintenance-free direct drive, is height-adjustable by up to 350 mm, and the process unit can be vertically pivoted by +/-5 de-grees.

For more details and to see our machines, visit us at NPE 2015: West Hall – Booth W1810.


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The battenfeld-cincinnati group with production facilities in Bad Oeynhausen and Kempen (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Shunde (China) and McPherson, KS (USA) is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, high-performance extruders and complete extrusion lines according to customers' specifications. The company is organized in three product-oriented Divisions across all manufac-turing sites: Infrastructure (all single screw applications pipe), Construction (all twin screw applications) and Packaging (non-PVC film and sheet, pelletizing, calendering and lamination equipment). battenfeld-cincinnati's customers benefit from the group's exten-sive global sales and service network.

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