Base Station Deployment Test Kit offers diverse options.

Press Release Summary:

Making it possible to choose from antenna/cable analysis, antenna alignment, PIM testing, power metering, Gigabit Ethernet testing, and personal RF monitoring products, adaptable test kit aids engineers involved in deploying or upgrading mobile base stations. Solution enables renting of instrumentation and lets customers create multi-element equipment solution that satisfies specific test requirements.

Original Press Release:

Livingston Introduces New Cost-Optimised Test Kit for Base Station Deployment

Test equipment sourcing specialist Livingston has added another test kit to its growing selection. This latest highly adaptable kit is focussed on serving engineers involved in the deployment or upgrading of mobile base stations. Through this it is possible to choose from a broad variety of different antenna/cable analysis, antenna alignment, PIM testing, power metering, Gigabit Ethernet testing and personal RF monitoring products that Livingston stocks from leading manufacturers. By mixing and matching different items then bundling them together they can benefit from a 10% discount in the overall rental cost.

These kits enable the renting of cutting edge instrumentation in the most cost-effective and versatile way yet. They allow Livingston’s customers to create a bespoke multi-element equipment rental solution that satisfies their specific test requirements without putting unnecessary strain onto their financial reserves.

As Reinier Treur, Marketing Director at Livingston, comments “Our test kits mean we can now supply various industry sectors with highly optimised, extremely flexible equipment rental solutions that have the most favourable price/performance characteristics. They clearly demonstrate the numerous advantages of following a rental strategy rather than resorting to direct purchase.”

For a full list of the pieces of equipment covered by Livingston’s base station deployment kit go to

Among these are:

• The Rohde & Schwarz ZVH compact antenna/cable analyser (covering frequencies up to 8GHz)

• The JDSU JD720 CellAdvisor handheld antenna/cable analyser (capable of supporting frequencies of 4GHz)

• The Anritsu SiteMaster S33xD and S33xE series of portable antenna/cable analysers (also with 4GHz frequency support)

• The UMTS Partners SPAA05 series of high accuracy GPS antenna alignment tools

• The PPM 4011 GPS antenna alignment system

• The Kaelus IQA and IPA series of portable PIM testers

• The Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A PIM tester

• The highly compact Narda D8860 and D8862 personal RF monitors

• The EXFO FTB-860 handheld Gigabit Ethernet tester for examination of the cell site’s supporting backhaul network

• The Bird 5000 thru-line power meter for measuring VSWR/output power

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