Barriers stop birds from roosting.

Press Release Summary:

Made from ST302 hard surgical grade stainless steel and UV-inhibited polycarbonate, interlocking SPIKES Needle Strips project from base, creating 5 in. spread of sharply pointed barriers. Resistant to weather and harsh environments, barrier can be installed on straightaways, curves, corners, or irregular surfaces. Built-in outrigger stabilizers occur every 8 in., keeping strips balanced, while center spikes prevent birds from roosting between projections.

Original Press Release:

Stainless Spikes Needle Strips Block Birds from Roosting!

Chicago IL. Stainless SPIKES Needle Strips eliminate roosting and nesting surfaces from any building or structure. The spikes project from the base creating a full (5-inch-spread), dense and sharply pointed barrier so birds can't land. (It works the same way as barbed wire does for humans.)

Material is ST302 Hard Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, plus UV-inhibited polycarbonate, resistant to virtually all weather and harsh environments. This material combination marries affordability with effectiveness. Its flexibility allows hassle-free installation on straightaways, curves, corners or irregular surfaces - even trees, arches, statues and curved sign-letters. Two-foot modules are pre-assembled to reduce installation labor. Each strip locks seamlessly with the next, and excess length snaps off for a precise fit and no wasted material.

Built-in 'outrigger' stabilizers (or "feet") every 8 inches keep the strips balanced, allowing easy, one-man installation. Unique center spikes prevent birds from roosting between projections. Holes every inch along the base allow easy attachment with screws or nails, or adhesive (which forms a 'rivet' through the hole), wire ties or anything else.

Ideal for roofs, ledges, gutters, window sills, statues, beams, trees, air conditioners, boat covers, awnings, signs, cables, architectural details...virtually everywhere pest birds alight or roost.

Extra-wide (7-inch-spread) and slim (2-inch-spread) available. Custom colors available. Distributors welcome.

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