Barrier Screw keeps melt temperature down.

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Xaloy® Fusion(TM) Screw, suited for use in extrusion and injection molding, separates melted material from unmelted solid material into separate channels. Chaotic mixing feature homogenizes melt with little or no increase in its average temperature; mixing is achieved with undulating root profile in metering zone of screw. Product is available in diameters up to 8 in. with L/D ratios from 24:1-30:1. Injection molding version works with PE materials and PP.

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New Xaloy Barrier Screw Pushes Output Up, Keeps Melt Temperature Down

An improved barrier screw called the Xaloy® Fusion(TM) Screw overcomes limitations of earlier barrier designs by delivering higher throughput at lower melt temperatures. The screw (patent pending) delivers benefits in both extrusion and in injection molding. It was originally developed at New Castle Industries, a leader in extrusion screw technology acquired by Xaloy in August 2003.

The accompanying chart shows results achieved in processing a fractional melt-index HDPE on a 3.5 inch extruder at 100 and 125 rpm. "Throughput rates achieved with the Fusion(TM) screw in these trials are up to 22 percent higher than those typically achieved with other barrier screws," said Tim Womer, engineering manager at Xaloy/New Castle. "Melt temperatures are also relatively low, a key factor in the quality of extruded or molded products," he added.

Like other barrier screws, the Fusion(TM) design separates melted material from unmelted solid material into separate channels. A unique feature is a chaotic mixing feature that thoroughly homogenizes the melt with little or no increase in its average temperature. Mixing is achieved with an undulating root profile in the metering zone of the screw.

Production trials show that the Fusion(TM) Screw delivers benefits in extrusion of a wide range of materials, including LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PET ABS and PLA (a starch-based biodegradable polymer) for a variety of extrusion processes. These include blown film, blow molding, pipe, profile, and wire and cable. An injection molding version of the design works well with various PE materials and PP. In both extrusion and injection molding Xaloy New Castle engineers optimize performance by tailoring screw geometry to material rheology.

New Xaloy® Fusion(TM) Screw uses undulating changes in root diameter to produce chaotic mixing.

The Fusion(TM) Screw is available in diameters up to 8 inches with L/D ratios from 24:1 to 30:1. For more information, contact Xaloy at 1-800-336-9653.

Xaloy is the world's leading manufacturer of process systems and components for plastics molding and extrusion machinery. The company supplies bimetallic barrels, high-performance screws and precision-engineered nozzles to machinery builders and plastics processors around the globe from its plants in the U.S., Thailand, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

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