Barnes Develops New Product Brand Called X-TREME

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We are now introducing Barnes X-TREME(TM) MAG-CONVEYOR and MAG-FILTER used for dedicated material machining such as cast-iron machining. The X-TREME MAG-CONVEYOR used for ferrous material combines controlling the coolant flow with a super-strong magnetic bed and flow control components that allow the coolant to flow across the powerful magnetic field to remove ferrous particles.

If a greater degree of filtration is requires then the X-TREME MAG-FILTER is the appropriate product of choose with the extremely powerful magnetic and filter drum designs in one package. This special product is for the difficult application when the process demands cleaner coolant for maximum results. The secondary drum filter now finites the removal to a desired nominal micron rating.

The versatility of this design allows for design modifications around each customer application. When a process changes, the need to incorporate the filter drum is accomplished with a Retro Filter Kit (RFK) easily installed in field.

Barnes legacy continues with innovative product development to better serve the machine coolant filtration industry.

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