Barcode Scanning Sequences Improve Work Order Tracking

LAS VEGAS, NV, October 15, 2017 – Scoutwest, Inc, the developers of Standard Time®, are changing how work orders are tracked on manufacturing floors in custom, bespoke, and production shops. The change involves barcode scanning sequences from 1D barcode and QR Codes in the hands of human operators who perform production tasks on products and orders. The result is tighter production cycles with key performance indicators for improvement.

Operators on the production floor initiate and perform complex tasks while moving products from raw materials to final box and ship. By adding specialized barcode sequences at each stage of the production cycle, key metrics are collected and computed.

For starters, the link below illustrates sixteen things you can get from four barcodes.

More valuable information arises from the barcode scans in the form of Work In Progress screens mimicking airport arrivals and departure screens, with heads-up work order details. WIP details are also available on Android phones and tablets, where notifications alert production managers when intervention is likely.

Scoutwest, Inc. develops manufacturing time tracking and project management software. Learn more by visiting or by calling 719-488-8697.


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