Ballasts operate pulse-start metal halide HID lamps.

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F-Can Ballasts incorporate Xtenza(TM) ignitor technology, making them suitable for remote mounting and permitting lamp-to-ballast distances up to 50 ft. Models operate on 120 or 277 V systems. All components including core and coil, dry-film capacitor, and ignitor are encapsulated in single metal case. Ballasts feature auto-reset thermal protection for both voltage taps. They are available for operation of 175, 250, 320, 350, and 400 W lamps.

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Advance Introduces "F-Can" Ballasts For Pulse-Start Metal Halide Applications

Advance Transformer Company, Rosemont, Illinois, has announced its introduction of new "F-Can" ballasts for the operation of pulse-start metal halide high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.

"The recently-introduced pulse-start metal halide technology lends itself particularly well to downlighting applications, which often involve fixtures incorporating F-Can type ballasts," said John Cummings, Advance's product manager for HID ballasts. "We expect our introduction of F-Can pulse-start ballasts to play a major role in expanding the implementation of this exciting technology by fixture manufacturers, including those involved with indirect lighting."

Cummings added that the ballasts' incorporation of Advance's exclusive new Xtenza(TM) ignitor technology makes them ideal for applications requiring remote mounting, permitting lamp-to-ballast distances of up to 50 feet.

Advance's offering of five new F-Can ballasts for pulse-start metal halide applications includes models for the operation of 175-watt lamps (ANSI Codes M137/M152), 250-watt lamps (M138/M153), 320-watt lamps (M132/M154), 350-watt lamps (M131) and 400-watt lamps (M135/M155).

Like other Advance F-Can ballasts, the new models are dual-voltage designs, for operation on either 120-volt or 277-volt systems. All ballast components, including core & coil, dry-film capacitor and ignitor are encapsulated in a single metal case. All Advance F-Can HID ballasts feature auto-reset thermal protection for both voltage taps. Each ballast case includes mounting tabs, and a variety of mounting and wiring accessories are available, including a mounting bracket kit, a "teepee" lead cover, and a wiring compartment with five 7/8"-diameter knockouts.

Catalog numbers for Advance F-Can ballasts for pulse-start metal halide lamps are: 72C5582-NP (175W), 72C5783-NP (250W), 72C5882-NP (320W), 72C5983-NP (350W) and 72C6182-NP (400W). Advance has played a leading role in bringing pulse-start metal halide technology to the lighting industry, working closely with lamp and lighting fixture manufacturers to develop the technology and deliver the many benefits it provides. These include such benefits as improved light output, lower operating costs, better lumen maintenance for consistent light levels, improved color stability, faster warm-up and re-strike, colder starting and more.

Advance Transformer Company, a leading ballast manufacturer based in Rosemont, Illinois, manufactures a full line of magnetic and electronic fluorescent and HID lamp ballasts. For more information on Advance's complete product line, visit Advance's website at or call Advance at (847)390-5000. Advance is a division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

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