Ballasts eliminate lamp flickering.

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T12 Slimline and T12 High Output electronic fluorescent ballasts are suited for lighting applications in commercial office, retail, distribution warehouse, and industrial high bay lighting. Slimline version features minimum lamp starting temperature of 0°F and is potted for cooler operation. Ballasts meet FCC rules and regulations, ANSI requirements, and are UL and CuL listed. They are also available with remote mounting capabilities.

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American Ballast Develops Efficient T12 Slimline and T12 High Output Electronic Fluorescent Ballast

FREMONT, CA (October 10, 2006) - American Ballast, a global commercial and residential power solutions company with worldwide manufacturing capabilities, has introduced a new line of high-efficiency electronic fluorescent ballasts. Designed to replace magnetic ballasts for T12 and T10 lamps, the light-weight T12 Slimline and T12 High Output electronic ballasts address the need for more high-efficient lighting systems for a wide-range of applications including commercial office, retail, distribution warehouses, and industrial high bay lighting. The ballast design offers significant energy savings over the standard magnetic product.

"Our line of T12 electronic ballast provide a significant increase in ballast efficacy in comparison to the magnetic ballast, which correlates lowering lighting operation costs," said Anthony Mangiaracina, American Ballast director of engineering. "American Ballast has made ballast conversion from magnetic to electronic a simple and easy transition that will provide customers long-term savings."

The T12 product group is offered in a significantly smaller and lighter package with similar mounting and wiring configurations as a T12 magnetic ballast, and is also available with remote mounting capabilities.

The T12 Slimline ballast operates quietly at a high frequency that eliminates lamp flickering. The minimum lamp starting temperature is 0°F (-18°C) and the ballast is potted for cooler operation and longer ballast life.

The T12 ballast product family meets FCC rules and regulations and ANSI requirements, and complies with all applicable state and federal efficiency standards. Through its advanced global technologies and extensive burn-in, full-functional and advanced-life testing procedures, American Ballast confidently offers a five year warranty on the T12 electronic ballast product family. All American Ballast lighting solutions are UL and CuL Listed.

Typical pricing for the T12 Slimline and T12 HO electronic fluorescent ballast starts at $14.50-19.75 and is available from stock.

For more information about the T12 Slimline and T12 HO electronic fluorescent, visit American Ballast at or email The company can also be reached at 47800 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 or (888) 313-8188.

About American Ballast
Phihong established in 1972 introduced the American Ballast brand into the North American market place in 2004 specifically to design and manufacture energy-efficient electronic fluorescent and HID ballasts for commercial and residential lighting customers in North America. With worldwide manufacturing and design capabilities, American Ballast utilizes decades of experience delivering high-quality power solutions as part of a $500 million global company that also includes the world's fifth-largest power supply manufacturer. American Ballast's products are manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities worldwide and meet Energy Star and numerous other industry standards, including 100% burn-in, full-functional and advanced-life testing standards.

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