Ball Screws offer load capacity of 1million N.

Press Release Summary:

UltraThrust 100 mm dia ball screws with 25 mm pitch utilize 19 mm diameter load carrying balls to provide dynamic capacity of 841 kN and static capacity of 1,989 kN. Nut body measures 170 mm in dia with overall length of 290 mm. Precision ground ball screws are suited for use in injection mold machines and large transfer line modules.

Original Press Release:

Ball Screws with 1 Million Newton Load Capacity

Burlington, MA, March 17, 2005 -- Steinmeyer, Inc. has announced a new addition to its UltraThrust product line, a 100x25 ball screw boasting a load capacity of 1 million newtons. By using massive 19 mm diameter load carrying balls, Steinmeyer now provides more than three times the capacity of conventional ball screws. The newest addition to our extensive UltraThrust series, a 100 mm diameter ball screw with 25 mm pitch, features a nut body diameter of 170 mm and an overall length of 290mm. Dynamic capacity is 841 kN and static capacity is 1,989 kN! The UltraThrust series is specifically designed to replace hydraulic drives in injection mold machines or for use in very large transfer line modules.

Precision ground ball screws offer the following benefits when compared with hydraulic drives:
o Higher efficiency
o Reduced maintenance
o Higher speed rating
o Improved speed and position control

Ball screw load rating is determined primarily by the number of load carrying balls and their size. Other factors include contact angle and track conformity, but these are limited by design rules. The number of balls can be increased by adding more circles - but only to a certain degree due to grinding constraints as nut length grows. So, to significantly increase capacity, the ball size must be increased. Larger balls put greater demands on the ball return system, yet speed ratings should remain high in order to meet the requirements of machine designers. Steinmeyer was able to use its production proven high-speed line of ball nuts, the "UltraSpeed" series with dn values up to 160,000, as a basis for the development of UltraThrust.

For further information on this new ball screw or others in our extensive product portfolio call 1-781-273-6220 or visit .

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