Ball Screws offer dynamic ratings up to 1 mil N.

Press Release Summary:

UltraThrust Precision Ground Ball Screws are offered in 50 x 20, 63 x 20, 63 x 30, 80 x 20, 80 x 40, and 100 x 20 mm sizes, all with 15 mm load carrying balls. UltraThrust 63 x 20 mm ball screw offers dynamic capacity of 430 kN, compared with 179 kN for standard series 1416 ball nut, which uses 11 mm balls. UltraThrust ball screws are suited for very large transfer line modules or to replace hydraulic drives in injection mold machines.

Original Press Release:

Ballscrews with 1 Million Newton Load Capacity to be Exhibited at Booth D-4353

Bedford, MA, May 28, 2004 -- Steinmeyer, Inc. will exhibit at IMTS a new line of ground ball screws with very high load carrying capacity, some with dynamic ratings up to 1 million
newtons! The new UltraThrust series is specifically designed for use in very large transfer line modules or to replace hydraulic drives in injection mold machines, for example. By using massive 15 mm diameter load carrying balls, Steinmeyer now provides more than twice the capacity of conventional ball screws. As an example, consider Steinmeyer's new UltraThrust
63 mm x 20 mm (diameter x pitch) ball screw. It has a dynamic capacity of 430 kN, compared with 179kN for our standard series 1416 ball nut which uses 11 mm balls. UltraThrust is initially
offered in six sizes - all using large 15 mm balls - 50 x 20 (dia x pitch mm), 63 x 20, 63 x 30, 80 x 20, 80 x 40 and 100 x 20. And, a few of these sizes even conform to DIN 69051, allowing for easy interchangeability in existing designs.

Precision ground ball screws offer the following benefits when compared with hydraulic drives:
o Higher efficiency
o Reduced maintenance
o Higher speed rating
o Improved speed and position control

Ball screw load rating is determined primarily by the number of load carrying balls and their size. Other factors include contact angle and track conformity, but these are limited by design rules. The number of balls can be increased by adding more circles - but only to a certain degree due to grinding constraints as nut length grows. So, to significantly increase capacity, the ball size must be increased. Larger balls put greater demands on the ball return system, yet speed ratings should remain high in order to meet the demands of machine designers. Steinmeyer was able to use its production proven high-speed line of ball nuts, the "UltraSpeed" series with dn
values up to 160,000, as a basis for the development of UltraThrust.

According to Alex Beck, President of Steinmeyer: "Our new UltraThrust line is a cleaner drive alternative compared with messy hydraulics. By combining the high efficiency of a ball screw together with a high load bearing nut design we have also succeeded in providing design engineers with a cost effective alternative to large roller screws. And we have further expanded the line by recently designing a rugged compact ball nut using massive 19 mm balls to achieve a previously unheard of dynamic capacity of 1 million newtons!"

For further information call 1-800-297-6403, stop by Booth D-4353 at IMTS or visit

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