Balancing Machine offers lightweight Swiss precision.

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REGO-FIX® BMT 200 balancing machine utilizes soft bearing technology spindle design that measures vibrations caused by imbalance and also permits different calibration for each tool set-up. Weighing less than 90 lb, machine allows balancing of most toolholder taper styles and sizes. Standard balancing methods are offered, including gram, angular, drilling radial, drilling axial, milling, and fixed positioning.

Original Press Release:

The REGO-FIX® BMT 200 Balancing Machine Offers Lightweight Swiss Precision

Indianapolis, Indiana, October 27, 2006 - REGO-FIX's BMT 200 balancing machine, combines high quality Swiss precision, extensive capability and ease of use. These compact units are lightweight, less than 90 lbs., and allow balancing of most any toolholder taper style or size.

The REGO-FIX BMT 200 uses a revolutionary spindle design, called soft bearing technology, which allows the machine to be lighter and more compact than other machines. The machine's design enables the vibrations caused by imbalance to be measured by the machine, where other machines measure the force.

This soft bearing design technology permits different calibration for each tool
set-up, allowing the operator to arrange the machine independently for various tool types. The REGO-FIX balancing machine is ideal for small or large tooling when increasing or decreasing speed and number of sensor readings is required, a task that is difficult with other machines.

The BMT 200 uses a user-friendly touch screen, and offers all "standard" balancing methods in its basic configuration, including gram, angular, drilling radial, drilling axial, milling and fixed positioning. These methods allow for fast and easy set-up of the tool database.

Additionally, the BMT 200 can be used immediately on a stable work surface, as no special foundation is required.

With US headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, REGO-FIX is a world leader in the manufacture of Swiss precision tooling. For more information on REGO-FIX, its products and services, or to request a catalog, please call 1-800-REGO-FIX or visit the company's website at

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