Backflow Preventer Test Kit includes high-pressure gauge.

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Featuring stainless steel wetted parts, 2 instrument-grade ball valves, ergonomic needle valve, and 3 flexible test hoses, Model 521G is optimized for testing variety of backflow preventer assemblies, including reduced pressure zone, double check valve, pressure vacuum breaker, atmospheric vacuum breaker, and spill-resistant pressure vacuum breaker. Included pressure gauge has 2 in. diameter dial face and can read pressures from 0-160 psi.

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The New Improved Backflow Test Kit from Acugauge

Acugauge has upgraded its popular Model 521 backflow preventer test kit with an extra high pressure gauge for conveniently recording line pressure, now required by most water purveyors.

Backflow testers should find this feature very convenient since it eliminates the need for the backflow technician to purchase, maintian and carry around a separate pressure gauge only for reading system pressure. The high pressure gauge has a large 2" diameter dial face and can read pressures from 0-160 PSI.

The new Acugauge Model 521G backflow preventer test kit boasts even more enhancements, such as stainless steel wetted parts, two instrument-grade ball valves, one ergonomic needle valve and three flexible high-performance test hoses. The Model 521G has been optimized to test the following backflow preventer assemblies:

o Reduced Pressure Zone (RP)

o Double Check Valve (DC)

o Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)

o Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB)

o Spill-resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker (SPVB).

For over a decade, Acugauge has been the leading provider of backflow test kits and calibration services in all fifty states, Canada, Australia and the UK. The simple 3-valve configurations of the 521 and 521G have made them the backflow testing equipment of choice of water purveyors and certified testers.

"Thanks to its simple 3-valve construction,", says Jobeth Hines of Acugauge, "backflow testers can now perform faster, more accurate testing at no additional cost". Jobeth strongly believes in Acugauge's philosophy that 'Professional Results Demand Professional Equipment'.

For more information about Acugauge backflow test kits and backflow test equipment, call Acugauge at 1-888-521-5214 or visit them online at .

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