Back Office Management Suite addresses workforce efficiency.

Press Release Summary:

NICE Back Office Suite consists of integrated solutions to help improve workforce efficiency, compliance, and QoS in back office operations. Specifically, suite combines NICE IEX Workforce Management solution with real-time process automation, guidance, and compliance solutions as well as quality management and performance management functionality. Together, back office solutions enable real-time adherence as well as planning and optimization.

Original Press Release:

NICE Extends Reach into Back Office Operations with a Comprehensive Suite of Solutions for Improving Workforce Efficiency, Compliance and Quality of Service

- New Suite Combines NICE's Market Leading Workforce Management Solution With Unique Offerings for Real-Time Process Automation, Guidance and Compliance; Provides Multi-Dimensional Visibility With Multi-Site, Multi-Skill Capabilities

RA'ANANA, Israel -- NICE Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:NICE), a leading global provider of advanced intent-based solutions that enable enterprises and security organizations to extract Insight from Interactions, transactions and surveillance to drive business performance, reduce risk and ensure safety, today announced the NICE Back Office Suite, targeted at improving workforce efficiency, compliance, and quality of service in back office operations, all of which are required to enable organizations to improve and impact business performance. NICE Back Office Suite is a comprehensive set of integrated solutions that combines NICE's market leading NICE IEX Workforce Management solution with unique real-time capabilities, including Real-Time Guidance, Process Automation and Compliance, along with solutions for Quality Management and Performance Management.

NICE Back Office Suite is based on the combination of solutions from NICE and eglue, which is supported by the existing OEM agreement between the two companies. NICE recently announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire eglue, a leading provider of real-time decisioning and guidance solutions. The acquisition transaction is anticipated to close during the third quarter of 2010.

The new comprehensive suite will help organizations address the most pressing operational challenges faced by back office operations. Back office operations often employ a significantly larger workforce as compared to contact centers. Although the back office faces similar business issues to those faced by contact centers operations, it typically lacks solutions for effectively managing the workforce as well as ensuring efficiency and compliance. NICE's solutions for the back office enable real-time adherence as well as planning and optimization.

Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting, a leading provider of contact center and analytics research, market analysis and consulting, said, "Back office operations are highly labor intensive. Enterprises need tools to measure their performance so that they can optimize staff utilization, labor allocation and quality. Over the past fifteen years, enterprises invested heavily in back office projects that automated paper and process flow, but neglected to invest in effective tools to manage their people. Real-time decision and guidance solutions address this issue and are as valuable for back office activities as they are for contact centers."

Performing back office processes effectively and efficiently, whether processing claims, fulfilling purchase orders, or collecting debt from customers is vital to organizations, directly impacting cost efficiencies, quality of service, and ultimately, customer and employee satisfaction.

NICE Back Office Suite includes the following business solutions:

-- Workforce Management: based on the market leading NICE IEX Workforce Management solution for the contact center optimizes planning, forecasting, scheduling and intraday management across a multi-site and multi-skilled back office organization. Back office operations can improve operational efficiency through more efficient use of their back office employees. They can also increase customer satisfaction by consistently meeting SLAs, and maximize employee satisfaction through empowerment and visibility, thereby lowering employee turnover and reducing recruiting and training costs.
-- Real-time Process Automation and Guidance: provides unique capabilities for guiding back office employees in real time through predefined work processes and uses business rules to automate back office data entry into disparate back office systems, enhancing productivity and efficiency, while reducing data entry errors, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction.
-- Performance Management: provides a single, comprehensive solution for tracking, reporting and managing performance throughout all levels of the back office operation. The solution includes pre-packaged metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, scorecards and reports, which together empower management to make more intelligent and timely business decisions.
-- Quality Management: allows supervisors to play back screen recordings of workers' desktops and evaluate the quality of back office processing, then create personalized coaching packages and real-time guidance scripts to improve the quality of back office work.

"We are delighted to extend the value of our market leading contact center offering into the back office. This solution will enable our contact center customers, and in particular our workforce management customers, to leverage contact center investments for the benefit of their back office operations," said Udi Ziv, President, Enterprise Product Group, NICE Systems. "We estimate that back office operations have approximately five times more employees than the contact center, which presents great opportunities for NICE in increasing our addressable market. The unique combination of NICE's workforce management strengths in multi-dimensional visibility and multi-site and multi-skill capabilities together with real-time process automation, guidance and compliance will significantly increase operational efficiency and effectiveness in the back office. We are looking forward to delivering the many benefits we can offer to leading, existing and prospective customers who have already expressed great interest in our new back office offering."

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