AXION's 100% Recycled STRUXURE Commercial Decking Boards Installed on Historic Rail Trestle Rehabilitation Project

Rosendale Trestle in Wallkill Valley New York is the latest use of STRUXURE® in the greening and restoration of America's infrastructure

NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. – AXION International Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:AXIH), a leader in recycled plastic and plastic composite technologies used to produce ECOTRAX® rail ties and STRUXURE® building products, announced today it has sold 1,600 of its STRUXURE® Commercial Decking Boards to the Wallkill Valley Land Trust in New Paltz, New York. The boards have been installed along the 940-foot long historic Rosendale Trestle. 

The Rosendale Trestle is a bridge and former railroad trestle in Rosendale Village, Ulster County, New York. Built in 1872, it was originally constructed as part of a rail line. The bridge rises 150 feet above Rondout Creek and was the highest span bridge in the United States at the time. The Wallkill Valley Land Trust, a not-for-profit organization, was founded to preserve land for the future of southern Ulster County, and was responsible for the purchase and installation of the boards. The trestle is frequented by locals and visitors from around the country including New York City commuters.

STRUXURE® commercial decking boards, which are made from 100% recycled consumer and industrial plastics, are being used in a growing number of applications on new and restorative municipal infrastructure projects. This purchase order marks AXION's first sale of its boards in the newly introduced grey color. AXION responded to customer interest in grey decking boards for applications in which esthetics are as important as structural performance.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, between 2010 and 2014 an investment of roughly $200 billion is needed for federal highways, bridges and transit system infrastructure.

"It was a wonderful experience working with AXION on this project which is so important to our community. We sought out many different options for decking materials including wood and concrete. Not only did STRUXURE® come out ahead in terms of value, product lifespan, and structural performance, AXION's responsiveness and customer care were outstanding. The key driving factor in our decision to go with AXION was the fact that these boards are 100% recycled. We are committed to preserving our natural environment and it was only fitting to use recycled materials on the historic Rosendale Trestle," stated Rob Hare, Wallkill Valley Land Trust Board Member and Final Construction Manager.

The 1,600 STRUXURE® boards were installed by volunteers and attached to the existing hardwood rail ties that remain as the support surface below the decking boards.

"Upstate and rural New York is an area we are developing for our STRUXURE® products which perform extremely well year-round, and have exceptional durability through wet and cold winters. There is a tremendous market nationally for upgrading an aging infrastructure and we are very happy to offer a green solution that customers are choosing based on economics and performance," commented Steve Silverman, AXION's President and CEO.

"The Wallkill Valley Land Trust manages 11.5 miles of trails as part of the extension of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, which includes numerous bridges.  Our products are well suited for hiking trails that include small bridges and wetlands walkways where high performance structural composites, longer life cycles and sustainable materials are important.  We are currently developing a wetlands walkway system that includes large profile substructure and small profile boards. We look forward to serving more of their infrastructure rehabilitation needs with our broad STRUXURE® product line," added AXION's Executive Vice President of Building Products Dave Crane.

About the Wallkill Valley Land Trust

The Wallkill Valley Land Trust, a not-for-profit organization, was founded to preserve land for the future of southern Ulster County. To support the Wallkill Valley Land Trust and Open Space Institute's mission and fundraising efforts, please visit:

About AXION International Holdings, Inc.

AXION (OTCQB: AXIH) is green technology company, transforming waste plastics into structural building materials. Using 100%-recycled consumer and industrial plastics, AXION develops, markets and sells its recycled structural composite products through its ECOTRAX® composite railtie and STRUXURE® building material lines. From the railroading industry to the military to global engineering firms, AXION delivers tested, proven and superior green solutions to infrastructure needs around the world.

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