AXION Builds STRUXURE® Boardwalk in Canada

New Commercial Boardwalk System Used In Rehabilitation Project Built In Environmentally Sensitive Area in Canada

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – AXION International Holdings, Inc. (AXIH), a leader in recycled plastic and polymer composite technologies used to produce ECOTRAX® rail ties/sleepers and STRUXURE® building products, announced today that its STRUXURE® Commercial Boardwalk products were used in a public trail rehabilitation project in Mer Bleue, in Ottawa's Greenbelt, an environmentally sensitive and protected area.

AXION's 100% recycled STRUXURE® composite building products used in the wetlands boardwalk project are long-lasting, durable, and require less maintenance than wood. The products will not rust, splinter, crumble, rot, absorb moisture, and are safe for the environment. The Company used large profile STRUXURE® boards in the sub-structure to build approximately 800 feet of various public walkways in Mer Bleue, just south of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Mer Bleue, an 8,650 acre conservation area has a northern eco-system more typical of the Arctic than Ottawa Valley. It is a wetland of international significance recognized under the United Nations' Ramsar Convention. Mer Bleue supports plants and wildlife populations that are typical of arctic bogs. A large section of the area is accessible through interpretive boardwalks.

"Our STRUXURE® products are the ideal solution for many different applications and offer excellent performance for pedestrian boardwalk projects," commented AXION's EVP for Building Products Dave Crane. "We have built many successful trail bridges, walkways, and observation platforms in the U.S. and are very excited to have completed our second project in Canada. Our client is very pleased with our cost-effective green products. They chose to use AXION products over untreated softwood lumber due to ease of installation and our promise of its longer life cycles."


STRUXURE® Commercial Boardwalk Systems are easy to install requiring no special training or equipment and can be built quickly. Made from recycled material, they are engineered using a patented structural thermoplastic formula, making them extremely strong, durable, long-lasting, and resistant to rot, fungi, insects, and moisture. AXION technology does not absorb or release any liquids or chemicals into the environment and contain no toxic materials making them clean and safe for the environment. The products are 100% recyclable at the end of their long, functional life. STRUXURE® products by AXION meet or exceed current building standards and are designed to be used in heavy-load vehicular bridges, pedestrian bridges, and commercial boardwalks. They are ideal in wet or harsh-temperature environments, require low maintenance, outperform traditional materials in harsh conditions, and are a highly cost-effective choice.


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AXION (AXIH) creates innovative structural polymer solutions, engineering sustainable products and systems for applications that provide improved long-term value, consistent performance, and reduced maintenance costs in comparison to conventional products. Through its ECOTRAX® rail applications and STRUXURE® building products lines, AXION delivers tested, proven, and superior structural polymer solutions for the infrastructure, transportation, and energy industries.

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