Axial Piston Pump has swivel angle adjustment.

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Designed for working hydraulics in open circuits, Rexroth A10VO Series 53 medium-duty axial piston variable pump (250/315 bar) features hydraulic-mechanical power control or electro-proportional differential pressure control. Power controller prevents overloading of combustion engine, while electro-proportional swivel angle adjustment allows precise flow control and electronic limit load control.

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New Series 53 Axial Piston Pump from Rexroth - ConExpo 2008

Rexroth A10VO Series 53 medium-duty axial piston variable pump: Hydraulic-mechanical power control or electroproportional differential pressure control and swivel angle adjustment.

The new Rexroth Series 53 A10VO medium-duty axial piston variable pump (250/315 bar) combines innovative functionality using electro-proportional controllers with robust control electronics. The new series 53, with its extremely favorable power/weight ratio, is used as a pump for working hydraulics in open circuits.

(Bethlehem, PA - In an electrohydraulic system, the swivel angle can be adjusted and the differential pressure can be controlled electroproportionally. For the first time a pump of this power category can also be used for hydraulic-mechanical power control. The power controller prevents overloading the combustion engine. This frees up the operator from the task of power control to concentrate on the actual operating functions of the machine.

The electroproportional swivel angle adjustment allows precise flow control and electronic limit load control. This makes it very easy for manufacturers to design pump control systems for speed control of individual consumers. The electrically-adjustable differential pressure control improves the resolution for fine control, such as for cylinder end-position damping.

The new A10VO series 53 variable pump provides a starting point for developing intelligent, fully electrohydraulic system solutions such as Electrohydraulic Flow Matching (EFM). The Rexroth control electronics ensure a total volume flow determined by the requirements of the individual consumers. This improves response characteristics and decreases the sensitivity to changes in disturbance variables. The implement hydraulics are more agile and less sensitive to vibration.

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