Award-Winning SureFire Lubricator Now Available with On-Board Programmable Controller

CHICAGO (September, 2006) - Bijur Delimon International, a global leader in automated lubrication systems for manufacturing equipment, has announced the release of the SureFire automatic lubricator with an on-board programmable controller. The controller is available on all single-phase motor units, and with any of the available reservoir sizes.

The electronic controller features an LED display and a series of buttons to program the lubricator to customers' specifications. It can run in either timer mode or controller mode. In timer mode, the controls are fairly basic - setting motor on and off times, type of level switch and timer function when power is restored. In controller mode, users have increased control over characteristics such as pre-lubrication cycles, run time, hold time, error alert time, selection of event-based or time-based motor off-time, type of level switch and controller function when power is restored.

"This on-board controller is the result of our Research & Development teams looking at and responding to the needs of our customers," Jim Sahadi, North America Engineering Manager, said. "Now, we can offer SureFire for multiple lubrication systems, in various voltages and reservoir sizes and with unprecedented control over the lubrication cycles."

The SureFire lubricator was named a 2005 Plant Engineering Product of the Year, and has proven to be a durable, robust addition to the Bijur Delimon International lubricator line. It can pump oil and soft grease to as many as 100 lubrication points. It is a self-contained electric motor-driven gear pump that can adapt to a broad range of production machinery. It is designed to work with positive displacement injectors (PDI), single line resistance (SLR) and air/oil lubrication systems. The SureFire automatic lubricator is available in four reservoir sizes - 1.8 liter, 2.7 liter, 6.0 liter and 12.0 liter - to meet customers' size requirements and lubrication demands.

Bijur Delimon International will be exhibiting at IMTS 2006 (Booth D-4148) and will feature several versions of the SureFire lubricator in its booth, along with working panels showing how they function with different lubrication systems. For more information, contact Scott Batchelor, Bijur Delimon International Marketing Manager at 919-465-4448 or

About Bijur Delimon International
Bijur Delimon International is a global leader in the design and manufacture of diverse fluid dispensing and complementary product lines. Lubrication dispensing products range from simple single-point grease feeders to complex automatic systems that dispense oil or grease to hundreds of points. Bijur Delimon International has major manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States, China, France, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland and Spain. Principal industries served include: machine tools, packaging, processing, railroad, trucking, heavy construction equipment, steel, mining, printing, food and beverage, textiles and material handling. Brands include Bijur, Delimon, Farval, LubeSite, Delimon-Denco Lubrication, and ChassisCare.

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