Avue Technologies' Avue Central Employment Platform Now Free, Expanding to State, Local Governments, Private Sector, and Non-Profits

No-Hassle Jobs Platform Is a Great Solution for Frustrated, Alienated USAJobs Users

WASHINGTON - Avue Technologies Corporation announced it will immediately expand accessibility of its successful online employment platform, Avue Central, from federal agencies to private sector companies, state and local governments, and non-profits - free of charge.

Avue has long been known among federal agency employees as a private company that creates products and services with an intense focus on the user and applicant experience, ease-of-use, and greater worker productivity and efficiency.

Now Avue is bringing the power of its service to everyone.

"We are convinced the times require that information on every job should be made available to everyone," said Linda E. Brooks Rix, co-CEO of Avue Technologies. "We can think of no better way to do that than to allow every employer - federal, state, local, non-profit, and private sector - to post on Avue Central for free."

Avue Central is a reliable, efficient and effective solution, and Avue's announcement comes as the Office of Personnel Management launches its update of USAJobs 3.0, which has been riddled with small glitches and potentially larger issues.

Users are posting problems on USAJobs' Facebook page, including but not limited to inaccurate search returns, inaccurate geographic filtering, server capacity issues, lost profile and saved information, account access problems, and personal information security issues.

"Obviously, USAJobs 3.0 is not ready for primetime and will not be for some time yet," Rix said. "OPM is oddly absent from any response to users reporting problems through the USAJobs Facebook page. Can you imagine if OPM would have gotten its way five years ago and made USAJobs the only way someone could apply for a federal job?"

Government expenditure figures show OPM has spent nearly $20 million so far this year on the project, which is already one year behind schedule.

"OPM wasted two years and $20 million taxpayer dollars to build a website with less functionality than it had to begin with," Rix said. "It's long past time for OPM to get out of the software and technology business and get back to its core mission as a policy agency for HR."

In contrast to OPM services like USA Staffing and USAJobs, the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University has called Avue Central "the fastest and easiest way to find and apply for federal employment." Avue Central is also affiliated with The George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration.

Among Avue Central's solutions not easily found with USAJobs 3.0:

o Avue services and products have a 99-plus percent uptime

o The intuitive Avue Central platform is all about ease-of-use and
responsiveness for users

o Avue Central facilitates the quick connection between the applicant
search and the employer position need

o Accurate searches by job title, job classification, department, agency
and geography

o Your search settings, resume information and personal information only
need to be set once but can be revised at any time

o Personal information is completely safe and secure

At www.avuecentral.com, applicants can search for jobs, apply for opportunities, join talent communities, check their application status, participate in discussion forums, and analyze their skills.

Avue Central is a proven platform with the functionality for applicants to go after the job they want quickly and easily, from veterans to recent college graduates to returning federal employees.

Employers can also create and classify positions, post positions, use templates, manage their openings and candidate pools, and conduct applicant outreach on Avue Central.

"We are proud of Avue Central and are delighted we have the opportunity to radically increase job information to all of its users," Rix said. "We think that together with Avue's social networking capabilities, both at Avue Central and through posting employer jobs also to the employer's social network sites, it's just a great way to post and find a job and network with employers and other job seekers."

Avue announced in September the new features that enable the company and federal government agencies to post jobs using popular social media and online networking sites. Avue's social media postings combine with the more than 1,600 .edu and .org sites that Avue pushes federal government job information to today. The combined reach of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter means that job information will reach an audience of 1.1 billion users.

About Avue Technologies

Founded in 1983, Avue Technologies has pioneered the technology of smaller, better government. The company provides the public sector with integrated technology and service solutions that dramatically increase enterprise-wide visibility and management effectiveness, workforce productivity, and manager and worker satisfaction. In the fight against "business-as-usual" in Washington, Avue helps power "business-as-unusual." Avue is a privately-held company headquartered in Tacoma, Washington and with offices in Washington, D.C.

For additional information, contact Avue at (253) 573-1877 x203, or via email at iAvue@avuetech.com.

Learn more about Avue Technologies at www.avuetech.com.

Contact for Avue: Linda Rix; (235) 573-1877 x-203; Email: iAvue@avuetech.com

SOURCE Avue Technologies Corporation

Web Site: www.avuetech.com

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