Aviation Supplier Turns to Marlin Steel Wire Products for Quick Solution

GKN Aerospace Needed a Way to Transport Turbine Blades

When GKN Aerospace, a leading supplier to the aviation industry, needed a means to transport turbine blades, Marlin Steel Wire Products (www.MarlinWire.com ) of Baltimore came up with a quick solution.

Marlin engineered baskets from stainless steel with separate compartments to contain 25 blades. But the baskets had to do more than carry up to 20 pounds worth of turbine blades. They had to secure the parts when they were being washed. And they needed to be able to stand up to a wash and rinse in an industrial soap solution for 20 minutes.
The company instructed Marlin's designers that the baskets also would be exposed to an acid etch and drying process for 20 minutes at 185° Fahrenheit. Marlin turned to halar coating, which holds up well to those particular chemicals.

Functionality and appearance were very important, the client informed Marlin, but holding down the cost of each basket was job one.

Marlin delivered, and quickly. GKN was pleased with the result: "Baskets are working well," the company reported back.

About Marlin Steel Wire Products

Founded in 1968, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC ("Marlin") is a USA-based (and owned) wire basket and wire form manufacturer. Shipping to more than 23 countries, Marlin is focused on fabricating high-quality and highly engineered parts fast, and its approach is succeeding. Quadrupling in sales in less than 10 years, the company is growing in spite of the recession.  

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