Aviation Compliance System evaluates electrical components.

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Utilizing SmartWave Source to provide ac/dc waveforms, Elgar Aviation Compliance System (EACS) offers electrical compliance and EMC testing of electrical/electronic components. It includes digital oscilloscope, software test suite, and applications software. Test suites are available for Boeing 787 (B787-787B3-0147 specification), Airbus A380 (ABD100.1.8), and Airbus A400M (AMD24T). EACS provides stimulus, input measurement, device measurement, and report generation.

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Xantrex Introduces Elgar Aviation Compliance System

SAN DIEGO, CA, January 28, 2008 - Xantrex Technology Inc. (TSX:XTX) announces the launch of the new Elgar Aviation Compliance System (EACS) for electrical compliance and EMC testing of electrical and electronic components for Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 and A400M. The test system utilizes the SmartWave Source as the core component to provide high performance AC and DC waveforms.

The new EACS provides all elements required by airframe manufacturers to qualify electrical components. The specifications require sophisticated AC/DC stimulus with measurement at the device under test including harmonic and pass/fail reporting. The EACS is the first system to provide all of these elements as a turnkey solution. This potentially saves thousands of hours of test development and verification time. No other system can provide stimulus, input measurement, device measurement and report generation in one complete package.

The EACS is comprised of the SmartWave, a high resolution digital oscilloscope, a software test suite and applications software. Test suites are available for Boeing 787 (B787-787B3-0147 specification), Airbus A380 (ABD100.1.8) and Airbus A400M (AMD24T). New test suites will become available as the test specifications are finalized.

"The Elgar Aviation Compliance System is easy to use and greatly reduces test development for our aviation customers," said Joe Budano, Xantrex's President and General Manager, Programmable Power. "It provides a platform for our customers to quickly test and report per their customers' requirements."

The EACS is available as a turnkey solution or as upgradeable components for customers with existing hardware. The EACS can be ordered now from Xantrex and its network of manufacturers' representatives.

For more information, please visit programmablepower.com/eacs.

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