AVANTech Awarded Multiple Water Treatment Plants

AVANTech, Inc. has received a purchase order for delivery of two complete water treatment systems in support of the Engro Chemicals plant expansion project in Dharki, Pakistan. The first water treatment system consists of two 100% trains of two-pass reverse osmosis system, sized for 352 gpm permeate at 85% recovery, ancillary equipment includes chemical injection systems, multimedia depth, bag, and cartridgefiltration and a Clean-In-Place Skid.

AVANTech will also be providing three 100% trains containing two-bed reverse-flow ion exchange systems of equivalent size, including associated regeneration and neutralization facilities. All equipment is skid mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired with all of the associated valves, piping,instrumentation, pumps, and related components integrated prior to delivery.

The contract includes design, engineering, and fabrication. Each component will undergo a factory acceptance test (FAT) and validation with a full site acceptance test (SAT) at ENGRO’s facility. AVANTech personnel will also provide installation support working with ENGRO personnel in Pakistan. “Our responsiveness and willingness to integrate this client’s specific need into a high quality end product was the key to securing this award. Our technical staff’s skills and talents continue to produce guaranteed results for our clients,” stated AVANTech President Jim Braun.

AVANTech is a design-build company with a commitment to providing service second to none! AVANTech was founded in 1999 and has expanded its business by applying the exceptional talents of its technical team.

AVANTech’s approach to facility integration makes us uniquely qualified to provide turnkey services. Our personnel have extensive experience in the planning, design, manufacturing and operation of water-treatment systems for industrial and government clients. AVANTech technologies have enabled facilities to establish zero liquid discharge operations by completely recycling all of their wastewater.

Contact: James L. Braun, President; May 24, 2008

Gary A. Benda. Sr. VP of Business Development

Phone: (803) 407-7171

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