AVANTech Awarded and Delivers CH2M HILL - Darling Downs Power Station, Australia

AVANTech, Inc. was awarded and had delivered a complete water treatment system in support of CH2M Hill - Darling Downs power project in Dalby, Australia. The water treatment system consists of two (2) – 100% train systems, designed for 204 LPM (54 gpm) each. The system consists of cartridge filteration, reverse osmosis (RO), membrane degasification for carbon dioxide removal and electrodeionization (EDI). The treatment system has primary and secondary electrodeionization units that are uniquely configured in series to meet the stringent product water quality requirement of 0.1 ìS/cm cation conductivity. The integrated system also includes antiscalant and sodium bisulfite addition, a clean-in-place skid and a neutralization skid to handle the chemical waste discharge from cleaning the RO/ EDI membranes. All equipment is skid mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired and all the associated valves, piping, instrumentation, pumps, equipment, and related components. The system operates on 50 Hz power and meets all Australian motor and electrical code requirements.

The design, engineering, and fabrication were validated with the system in full operation and tested at AVANTech’s manufacturing facility prior to site delivery. AVANTech personnel will be providing installation support working with CH2MHill in Dalby, Australia. “This award is confirmation of our ability to provide cost effective client-specific solutions. Our ability to deliver custom solutions for a wide range of client applications has proven to be a success for the client and AVANTech,” stated President Jim Braun.

AVANTech is a design-build company with a commitment to providing service second to none! AVANTech was founded in 1999 and has expanded its business by applying the exceptional talents of its technical team. AVANTech’s approach to facility integration makes us uniquely qualified to provide turnkey services. Our personnel have extensive experience in the planning, design, manufacturing and operation of water-treatment systems for industrial and government clients. AVANTech technologies have enabled facilities to establish zero liquid discharge operations by completely recycling all of their wastewater.

Contact: James L. Braun, President; Gary A. Benda. Sr. VP of Business Development

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