Automotive Supplier Faurecia Engages Swisslog to Automate New Emissions Technologies (FECT) Manufacturing Facility in Columbus, Indiana

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Faurecia, global leader of seat frames and mechanisms, emissions control technologies and vehicle interiors will work with Swisslog Warehouse Distribution Solutions (WDS) to make its new facility Industry 4.0 ready.

Applying intralogistics principles to the automotive manufacturing industry Faurecia retained Swisslog to apply intralogistics expertise to the automation and management of manufacturing Work in Process (WIP). The design consists of Production Management System Software (PMS), CarryPick™ automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and three-axis robots designed to facilitate the collaboration between robots in manufacturing Faurecia's continuously evolving product line. Eric Moreau, Faurecia Vice President of Digital Enterprise, commented, "We are now entering into a new world full of connectivity and digital innovations and this revolution is a great opportunity for Faurecia.  As a leader of automotive industry, we recognize the importance of being key players of this transformation and have selected Swisslog to bring us disruptive and innovative solutions. Faurecia Emission Control Technologies' (FECT) new facility, located in Columbus, Indiana, will become our first digital showcase, bringing more flexibility and productivity thanks to real-time data, connected equipment and new autonomous handling solutions. This represents an important breakthrough for both FECT and Swisslog as we enter this new world together."

Virtual management of factory processes

Swisslog's software offering will allow Faurecia complete virtual management of its work in progress (WIP). Integrating with the company's ERP, Swisslog Production Management Software will allow real-time inventory management and tracking while managing specific sequencing and storage of parts throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, the software will control the movements of the robotics and automation for precise storage and delivery.  Markus Schmidt, President Swisslog WDS Americas said, "the solution for Faurecia effectively marries intralogistics best practices, supply chain software and material handling automation and effectively applies these technologies to the automotive manufacturing industry

Improving storage and efficiency

The automation solution for Faurecia includes Swisslog's CarryPick AGVs and three-axis robots applied for this project. Both solutions were chosen based on their ability to reduce the overall footprint needed while maintaining the same WIP for maximum production flexibility. The CarryPick AGVs operate alongside humans with virtual navigation and inductive charging, allowing the system to run 24/7. The three-axis robot was designed based on learnings from its larger counterpart, the MiniLoad Tornado Crane. The new design operates X directional, is easily programmable and allows handling of trays. Together, the solutions will allow Faurecia to reduce their floor space for storage by 60%, compared to the other alternatives that they explored.

Markus Schmidt added, "Swisslog is proud to have been selected by Faurecia to work on its newest, state-of-the-art facility in North America. Combining our expertise and know-how in logistics automation with Faurecia's manufacturing processes is another great example of how we continue to offer the smartest automation solutions on the market."


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