Automotive Clamp Filters negate effects of EM noise.

Press Release Summary:

Models ZCAT08V-BK and ZCAT12V-BK counter effects of electromagnetic noise on cables that link various onboard electronic control units. Structure consists of vertically split cylindrical ferrite core with integrated resin case for mounting on cables. Resin case and core material are resistant to heat (-40 to +125°C) and shock. Offering 120 and 140 ohms impedance, respectively, ZCAT08V-BK is 33 mm long with 8 mm ID and 18 mm OD and ZCAT12V-BK is 35 mm long with 27 mm OD and 12 mm OD.

Original Press Release:

TDK Develops and Begins Mass Production of Industry First Automotive Clamp Filter

Tokyo, Japan, Jan 22, 2008 - - TDK Corporation announced today that it has developed and began mass production of the industry's first* automotive clamp filter in December. The new filter is called the ZCAT08V-BK, ZCAT12V-BK.

EMC countermeasures for onboard automotive electronic components have become crucial as the use of electronic control grows in conjunction with the adoption of increasingly advanced functions and the use of electronic equipment for more functions.

In response to this market need, TDK developed clamp filters that are suitable for automotive use as an effective noise countermeasure against the effects of electromagnetic noise on the cables that link the various onboard ECUs** and units. TDK's clamp filters have an original structure consisting of a vertically-split cylindrical ferrite core with an integrated resin case for mounting on cables. The ferrite material, a key component of the filter, provides outstanding magnetic characteristics and high-frequency absorption properties achieved through precise control of the fine structure using TDK's original materials and process technologies.

Main Features

1. The resin case and core material have been improved to enhance heat resistant and shock resistance for use in automotive applications. The operating temperature range has been increased from earlier TDK products (-25 C - 85 C) to -40 C - 125 C.

2. Specifications

Product name: ZCAT08V-BK
Impedance: 120 Ohm (measurement frequency: 100 MHz)
Unit length: 33 mm; exterior diameter: 18 mm;
interior diameter: 8 mm

Product name: ZCAT12V-BK
Impedance: 140 Ohm (measurement frequency: 100 MHz)
Unit length: 35 mm; exterior diameter: 27 mm;
interior diameter: 12 mm

Production and Sales Plan

Sample price: 300 yen/unit approx.
Production location: Overseas
Production capacity: 100,000 units/month
Start of production: December 2007

* As of January 2008, according to TDK investigations.
** Electronic control unit: Automotive ECUs initially were used primarily for engine control, but today they are used in numerous applications including drive systems such as antilock braking systems and electric power steering.

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