Automation Platform can control up to 96 axes of motion.

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Q-Series Automation Platform employs multi-CPU architecture that allows designers to select and scale CPU types. Motion control is addressed by adding one Motion CPU, which is linked to company's servos via SSCNET motion control network. Motion control instructions are processed at rates to 888 µS. Development tools include programming environment in Sequential Function Chart format. Cam profiles are created using standard profiles or spline interpolation.

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Highly Advanced Motion Control is an Integral Part of the New Mitsubishi Q-Series Automation Platform

VERNON HILLS, IL -The latest generation of Factory Automation Control from Mitsubishi Electric is the Q-Series, an all-encompassing Automation Platform that combines many traditional control methods. In the past, Mitsubishi Electric and all other major control producers have offered a segmented approach to Factory Automation utilizing the proven but individual technologies of PLCs, Process Controllers, Motion Controllers and Industrial PCs".

The Q-Series platform is one that cleanly and seamlessly integrates these major technologies to become the centerpiece of a complete control solution. The multi-CPU architecture allows a designer to select and scale CPU types based on the needs of the application. A wide range of sequence CPUs can be complimented with a PC CPU to run 3rd party or custom developed applications. Motion control is addressed by simply adding one of the high performance Motion CPUs.

This type of platform greatly reduces cost and complexity of machine control and integration, as well as machine design. The superior hardware designs combined with an enhanced suite of development tools add further value to the platform. When compared to other motion controllers, the Q-Series has the smallest installation footprint in the industry.

Motion control is executed using specialized high speed CPU(s), which are linked to Mitsubishi's world class servos via SSCNET, Mitsubishi's industrial hardened high speed motion control network. Motion control instructions are processed as fast as 888 µS and all servo control loops are closed at the amplifier at unparalleled speeds. The servo system becomes a unified extension of the platform that is unmatched in performance, speed, and reliability.

Development tools include a programming environment in a Sequential Function Chart format (SFC) which may be further enhanced by calling the Virtual Programming Language (GSV) to represent complex motion and mechanical relationships in a graphical manner.

The SFC environment is straightforward and easy to learn, allowing for quick programming, as well as visual identification or diagnosis of motion and sequential event processing. This block-by-block format is further simplified with clear distinctions of motion, arithmetic and sequence commands. Detailed descriptions and notation capabilities allow for an easy to follow program.

The Virtual environment allows a complex machine's motion requirements to be described using a series of mechanical icons to visually represent gear ratios, transmissions, line-shafts, cam profiles and more. This type of programming allows for significant amounts of traditional mechanics to be replaced by servo control. Machine size and cost is reduced and program development is simplified.

Cam profiles are created using the development packages comprehensive software tool. Profiles can be created using predefined standard profiles. Additionally, free form cam-profiles can be created using spline interpolation. Once the profiles are created, the motion controller has the ability to store multiple profiles and change them on the fly, eliminating the typical downtime associated with mechanical cams.

The flexible and robust nature of the Q-Series motion controller truly lends itself to an endless list of applications and industries. Targets include automotive, packaging, semi-conductor, printing, labeling, food and beverage, and many more.

For total machine control solutions that may or may not include motion control, the Q-Series platform boldly represents the future of Factory Automation! For more information, please visit the Mitsubishi website at

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., Vernon Hills, IL, offers a comprehensive line of factory automation solutions. Products include uninterruptible power supplies, programmable controllers, human-machine interfaces, variable frequency drives, servo amplifiers and motors, motion controllers, computer numerical control, PC-based CNC, linear servos, robots and industrial sewing machines, for a broad range of factory automation applications. Visit the Mitsubishi web site at

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