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Newark, NJ - How do you make an automatic flush system better? Cover the courtesy flush button with ZaGO's Crystal(TM) button cover.

The cover looks great with the sleek chrome finish of the automatic flush valve and covers the push button to ensure that no water seeps into or out of the valve. The covers are easy to install and fit right into the flush valve housing for ease of installation. They automatically and inexpensively improve the look of the equipment and insure against damage to the automatic flush mechanism.

Zago's Crystal(TM) button covers have a soft feel upon actuation, but are tough and resilient mechanical properties providing dependable environment protection up to IP 54. This unique cover can be utilized on existing equipment where the need for an extra protective seal becomes evident after field usage and is especially beneficial when design and visual appearance is important to the end user. Zago's Crystal(TM) Switch covers are available in all sizes and configurations to accomodate any rocker switch currently on the market.

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