Automatic Rope Tensioner suits aero-mechanical conveyors.

Press Release Summary:

AMC AutoTensioner automatically measures and adjusts rope tension and indicates when rope is worn and needs to be replaced. It applies constant preload to conveyor's rope and disc assembly, compensating for natural changes in length. Pneumatic actuator is anchored at one end of conveyor and applies linear force to free moving return sprocket housing while manually adjustable precision filter regulator protects pneumatic actuator from over-pressure.

Original Press Release:

Improved Automatic Rope Tensioner from Spiroflow Systems for Aero-Mechanical Conveyors Increases Rope Life and Reduces Maintenance Time

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A new integral automatic rope tensioning, monitoring and adjustment system for Aero-Mechanical Conveyors (AMC) is now available from Spiroflow Systems Inc.

The new and patented AMC 'AutoTensioner' from Spiroflow Systems automatically measures and adjusts rope tension and indicates when the rope is worn and needs to be replaced. As a result, rope life is increased by up to 40% due to continuous monitoring, the company said. Time and labor costs are also significantly reduced since operations are checked automatically instead of manually, downtime for maintenance is reduced and productivity is increased. For high altitude applications, automatic monitoring eliminates the need to use scaffolding or long ladders to check tensioning and rope wear.

According to Spiroflow Systems, the flexibility of the AMC 'AutoTensioner' allows retrofitting to competitive Aero-Mechanical systems.

"Correct tensioning of the rope is essential for optimum operation and longer rope life," Spiroflow noted. "The new AMC 'Auto-Tensioner' is a major breakthrough in reducing maintenance costs."

'AutoTensioner' Detailed
The new and improved automatic tensioning system applies a constant pre-load to the conveyor's rope and disc assembly. This compensates for the natural change in rope length while the conveyor is operating.

A pneumatic actuator is anchored at one end of the conveyor and applies a linear force to the free moving return sprocket housing. The housing is mounted on two linear bearings, fitted with 'O' Ring seal assemblies and interfaces with the two conveyor tubes.

A manually adjustable precision filter regulator protects the pneumatic actuator from over pressure and limits the linear tension applied to the conveyor rope. In the event of a malfunction in the air supply, a pneumatic circuit prevents the total loss of linear force and tension. A pressure switch provides a feedback signal to the conveyor controls, assuring the conveyor will not operate until restoration of the air supply.

Optional position switches indicate when the rope needs to be inspected or replaced. An air purge linear seal is also optional and recommended for conveying fine, abrasive materials.

About Aero-Mechanical Conveyors
Frequently referred to as a "rope and disk conveyor," Aero-Mechanical Conveyors (AMC) from Spiroflow Systems are ideal for transporting material from 10 to 85 feet at rates of up to 120 tons/hour.

Benefits of an AMC include low energy requirements, dust free transport with minimal product degradation and virtually no separation of mixtures. Besides total batch transport, AMC's offer totally contained dust-free free delivery and operation at any angle including vertical at heights up to 85 feet without any loss in capacity. The system can be set up as a straight-line operation or in variety of around the corner configurations.

Aero-Mechanical Conveyors consist of several evenly placed polyurethane discs attached to a wire rope. The rope and disks travel in a continuous loop and move at high speed within parallel steel tubes.

At each end, there are enclosed housings with the rope assembly running from one tube to another around specially designed sprockets. One of these sprockets drives the rope and disks while the other sprocket provides tension to the rope.

The action of the rope assembly traveling at high speed produces an air stream that fluidizes and conveys product in the airflow until it is centrifugally ejected at the outlet.

Spiroflow is a worldwide supplier of a wide range of both standard and custom powder handling equipment. Besides Aero-Mechanical Conveyors, the company offers flexible screw, vacuum and pneumatic conveyors, bulk bag dischargers and fillers, plus a range of bag packing and unloading equipment. The company offers a wide range of innovative designs and design options.

For more information on the new and improved AMC "AutoTensioner" for Aero-Mechanical Conveyors or information on other bulk handling equipment, visit, call 704-291-9595, fax 704-291-9594 or email

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