Automatic Paste Dispenser minimizes operator intervention.

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By working alongside other printer functions, APD II minimizes time loss and delivers consistent paste volumes to stencil. Unit allows complete control of dispensing profile by optimizing speed, pressure, position, and frequency to ensure precise paste deposition. Providing cartridge changeover in less than 2 minutes, dispenser includes paste level detection, compatibility with industry-standard material syringes, and fully programmable dispense stroke and position.

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DEK Automatic Paste Dispensing Technology Delivers Optimized Process Control, Higher Throughput and Yield

Consistent with its promise to provide printing technologies that maximize equipment utilization while limiting operator intervention, DEK has developed the Automatic Paste Dispenser II (APD II).  Building on the advantages of the original APD, DEK’s APD II can work in parallel alongside other printer functions to minimize time loss and deliver consistent paste volumes to the stencil for exceptional process control.

With ease-of-use and reliability at its core, DEK’s APD II allows complete control of the dispensing profile by optimizing speed, pressure, position and frequency to ensure paste deposition precisely when and where required.  This functionality -- in addition to volume consistency and a controlled dispensing stroke – is increasingly important as the electronics industry continues to move toward ultra-fine-pitch devices.  The APD II helps eliminate ‘lost areas’ of material, which can contribute to yield losses, particularly with finer-pitched components.

DEK Product Manager, Leon Lee, has championed the APD II technology and knows first-hand the advantages it provides to electronics assembly firms worldwide.  “In modern assembly operations, throughput and yield are the primary measures of success,” comments Lee.  “APD II has the ability to deposit paste simultaneously during stencil cleaning so that the equipment is being fully utilized to streamline production time and increase throughput.  What’s more, repeatably depositing a proper volume of paste reduces operator intervention and ensures enough material is present for complete aperture fill, which contributes to improved yields. These are functions and results which simply cannot be achieved manually.” 

Maintaining paste on the stencil without stopping the production process for manual replenishment can save over an hour of production time per day and further enables higher throughput rates.  Other advantages of DEK’s APD II include quick and easy cartridge changeover of less than two minutes, highly reliable paste level detection, compatibility with industry-standard material syringes and fully programmable dispense stroke (length) and position (x, y).

“The more the printer can control automatically, the better the print outcome,” concludes Lee.  “Manual procedures introduce time and, in many cases, error into the process.  APD II is another example of DEK’s drive toward intelligent, ‘lights out’ printing.”

DEK’s APD II is available on most DEK print platforms.  For more information, contact local DEK personnel or log onto .

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