Automated Filling Line produces pre-sterliized syringes.

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Designed for automated processing of up to 9,500 syringes/hr, FXS 2050 filling and closing machine minimizes need for manual interference, so risk of contamination is minimized. It incorporates peristaltic pumps, automated bag and tub opening system, program-controlled servo drives, as well as RIL-100 rod insertion labeling unit, USD-100 denester, and ZPS buffer system. Single syringe samples can be accessed and discharged directly. System enables production under cleanroom class A conditions.

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Compact Filling Line for Pre-Sterilized Syringes with a Fully Automated Bag and Tub Opener

Fully automated processing of up to 9,500 syringes per hour

Reduced need for manual interference minimizes risk of contamination

Product filling, closing and extraction completely reproducible

Bosch Packaging Technology introduces its fully automated filling line for pre-sterilized syringes: the FXS 2050, designed for mid-range output. This slender line concept was developed specifically for manufacturers with limited production space.

At the core of the FXS 2050 filling and closing machine are its peristaltic pumps. Together with the fully automated bag (ABO) and tub (ATO) opening system it achieves an output of up to 9,500 syringes per hour. The reduced need for manual interference minimizes the risk of contamination. The program-controlled servo drives, precisely operating robotics and fewer form sets further reduce the contamination risk during production. The extraction of product samples functions automatically; single syringe samples can be accessed and discharged directly.

The bag and tub opening system is part of the fully automated solution for up-stream processes to prepare the tubs and syringe nests. Besides the output, the line focuses on pre-defined, secure and completely reproducible processes. Furthermore, integrated in the line is the RIL-100 rod insertion labeling unit, the USD-100 denester and the ZPS buffer system. All three units are supplied by Moeller & Devicon, a Bosch Packaging Technology company.

"Fully integrated filling and closing lines most effectively reduce the risk of contaminating sterile delivered syringes," says Klaus Ullherr, Product Manager for syringes at Bosch Packaging Technology. "With the compact FXS 2050 and the integrated solutions for up and down-stream processes, the entire filling and closing process for pre-sterilized syringes can be executed."

The FXS 2050 can also be integrated into a Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS) and enables production under cleanroom class A conditions. The compact design of the FXS 2050 makes it an intelligent solution to decrease total operating costs.

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