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Automated Facial Coding Solution aids qualitative research.

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May 15, 2014 - Via automated facial coding, Affdex Discovery™ enables researchers to gather key emotion insights from consumers in qualitative study. This automated, cloud-based solution uses webcam to capture participants facial expressions in real-time as they view online content such as ads, trailers, TV programs. These responses are then processed, analyzed, and reported back to moderator to help uncover immediate objective emotional feedback of participants.

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Affectiva Announces New Facial Coding Solution for Qualitative Research

Press release date: May 07, 2014

WALTHAM, Mass. – Affectiva, the global leader in consumer emotion analytics and insights, today announced the launch of Affdex Discovery™, an automated facial coding solution for qualitative research. Based on the company's award-winning technology, Affdex Discovery™ provides qualitative researchers the ability to quickly and cost-effectively gather key emotion insights from consumers in a qualitative study. Affectiva will use its comprehensive solution to gather emotion data, from both quantitative and qualitative research, and further develop the world's largest normative database.

Affdex Discovery™ is specifically designed for moderators to easily uncover participants' immediate, objective emotional feedback. The cloud-based automated facial coding software uses a webcam to capture participants facial expressions, in real-time, as they view online content such as ads, trailers & TV programs. The participants' emotional responses are then processed, analyzed and reported back to the moderator - stimulating deeper and more efficient discussions with individuals during focus groups and in-depth interviews.

"We've received a lot of positive in-market feedback on Affdex Discovery and are truly excited for the opportunities to gather consumers' emotional engagement and better optimize marketing campaigns," stated Nick Langeveld, President and Chief Executive Officer of Affectiva. "Expanding beyond our quantitative platform enables us to provide valuable emotion insights that moderators, researchers and brands would not have been able to gather in qualitative research otherwise."

Affectiva's award-winning automated facial coding, Affdex, is the first, scalable technology used by market researchers and publishers to diagnose and evaluate media campaigns. Over 300 global brands including Unilever, Coke, Kellogg's, Mars, PepsiCo and CBS, have tested over 6,000 ads across 62 countries, to measure consumers' emotional connection with their products and services. Leveraging the scientifically proven platform, Affdex Discovery™, will enable the consumer emotion insight company to further develop the world's largest normative database for qualitative research.

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Affectiva is the leading global expert in consumer emotion analytics and insights. Through Affdex™ facial coding software, the company delivers cost-effective, scalable emotion analytics to Fortune 500 companies, market research agencies and entertainment and media publishers. Based on the world's largest emotion metrics database, their technology has become the standard for real-world accuracy and relevance in consumer insights. For more information, visit

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