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Auto-Switch/Distribution Unit supports multiple signal formats.

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Jan 23, 2012 - Featuring intelligent auto-switching and multiple signal format support, 9611B distributes and generates centralized reference signals required by communication systems, satellite earth stations, test facilities, and engineering laboratories. Its low-phase noise capabilities for optimal RF distribution allows users to reduce thier equipment needs to support multiple signaling formats. Switch and distribution system also features redundant inputs, 12 outputs, front panel controls, and serial port.

Symmetricom/Analog Solutions - San Jose, CA

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Symmetricom Launches High-Performance Auto-Switch & Distribution Unit

Press release date: Jan 18, 2012

New 9611B Supports Multiple Signaling Time & Frequency Formats in a Single Device

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Symmetricom®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYMM), a worldwide leader in precision time and frequency technologies, today introduced the 9611B, its next generation switch and distribution system developed to effectively distribute and generate centralized reference signals required by communication systems, satellite earth stations, test facilities and engineering laboratories.

The new 9611B maintains the intelligent auto-switching and multi-signal distribution feature that contributed to the success of the 9611. The 9611B provides new additional low phase noise capabilities for improved RF distribution allowing users to reduce the number of products needed to support multiple signaling formats, increasing deployment flexibility thus reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

The enhanced capabilities of the 9611B include:

-- Multiple signal formats: The 9611B supports IRIG time codes, pulse formats and low noise sine waves.
-- Enables redundant inputs: When in auto-switching mode, the 9611B detects input failure and automatically switches to the redundant input without signal loss.
-- 12 outputs: Low noise, high isolation amplifiers allow for 12 copies of each input to be distributed without degradation of downstream equipment. This enables system designers to reliable distribute highly accurate RF time codes and 1pps signals.
-- Front panel controls: When one input fails an alarm will indicate such failure through the front panel controls and indicators.
-- Command Line Interface: The 9611B has a serial port interface that supports communication programs with a PC.

The 9611B is fully backward compatible, thus can be deployed as a full replacement for the 9611 unit. Fully FCC B compliant, the increased isolation delivers lower phase noise and distributes the input signal with greater accuracy to downstream equipment. This higher isolation makes it possible to achieve greater performance while maintaining signal integrity in sensitive environments as interference to-and-from the unit is drastically reduced.

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