Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets feature InfoTrack(TM) technology.

Press Release Summary:

Intended for heavy-use and high-amperage (300+ A) applications, Arc Armor® Titanium Series(TM) helmets feature InfoTrack(TM) technology that lets operator track arc-on time and provides digital clock with ability to set alarms and timers. Headgear is comfortable and adjustable and has been tested to withstand extreme use. Digital controls with large display and intuitive design allow welder to adjust modes, shade levels, delay and sensitivity.

Original Press Release:

Miller Introduces Redesigned Titanium Series(TM) Welding Helmets with New InfoTrack(TM) Technology and New Improved Headgear

New Titanium Series Highlights:
  • Exclusive InfoTrack(TM) records "arc-on" time and provides a digital clock with the ability to set an alarm or timer
  • New headgear increases welder comfort, improves adjustability and settings
  • All-digital controls and external grind button (7300 and 9400 models) simplify operation
  • Three-year warranty matches the longest for welding helmets in the industry
  • Innovative aluminum heat shield protects the auto-darkening lenses in most high-amperage (300+ amp) applications

    APPLETON, Wis. - Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces its newly redesigned Arc Armor® Titanium Series(TM) welding helmets for heavy-use/high-amperage applications in fabrication, manufacturing and construction. New features include Miller-exclusive InfoTrack(TM) technology that allows the operator to track arc-on time and provides a digital clock with the ability to set alarms and timers. New headgear improves comfort and adjustability and has been tested to withstand extreme use. The new external grind button featured on the Titanium 7300(TM) and Titanium 9400(TM) allows welders to switch to grind mode without ever lifting their helmets, improves productivity and minimizes exposure to environmental hazards. All-new digital controls with larger displays and intuitive design allow the welder to adjust modes, shade levels, delay and sensitivity, and a new three-year warranty matches the longest of any welding helmet in the industry today.

    "The new Titanium Series helmets have been tested based on operator handling, applications and environmental conditions and are the most reliable helmets we have ever produced," says Eric Sommers, product manager, Miller. "We stand by that with our new three-year warranty, which is equal to the longest in the industry. The added performance and benefits of InfoTrack technology, new headgear and digital controls make these the best Miller helmets yet for industrial applications."

    Additional Product Information

    InfoTrack technology stores "arc-on" time in the helmet so an operator knows how much time they have spent welding over a given period of time - information they can then use to calculate efficiency and productivity. The inclusion of a digital clock with a timer and alarm further helps operators keep track of their day and can alert them to break or end times, or other work-related/time-based milestones throughout the day.

    The new headgear is designed to increase comfort, is substantially easier to adjust to personal preferences than previous models, and has been tested to withstand the rigors of daily use. The headgear conforms to any head shape and offers more flexibility with six points of adjustment. The integrated comfort cushion mounted on the back of the headgear further ensures a secure and sturdy fit.

    "We've thoroughly tested the Titanium Series to make sure it provides the industrial protection and comfort for any industrial environment and for any welder," says Sommers. "The updated headgear is more flexible, more durable and the welder is more comfortable for longer periods of time. Under hood time is productive time."

    The Titanium Series is built upon a shell design that is lightweight for extended wear, provides excellent skin coverage, reflects radiant heat and features a quick-release front cover lens to reduce welder downtime. An innovative aluminum heat shield protects the auto-darkening lenses in most high-amperage (300+ amp) applications.

    The Titanium Series includes:
  • Titanium 9400i w/grind shield features an auto-darkening lens that flips up to expose an ANSI approved grinding shield with an almost 180-degree field of view.
  • Titanium 9400 auto-darkening lens provides 9.22-square-inches of viewing area and four sensors that respond in 1/20,000 of a second for increased vision and maximum arc detection with auto-on/off feature.
  • Titanium 7300 has a 7.22-square-inch viewing field, three arc detection sensors and weighs 19 ounces. Similar to the 9400, the 7300 switching speed is 1/20,000 of a second.
  • Titanium 1600(TM) is an economical industrial helmet with a 16-square-inch passive viewing lens.

    All three auto-darkening models (9400, 9400i and 7300) feature Auto-On/Auto-Off, grind mode, independent arc sensors, excellent low-amperage TIG performance (5 amps), a magnifying lens holder and meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 (High Impact) standards.

    About Miller

    Miller Electric Mfg. Co., headquartered in Appleton, Wis., is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding equipment and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW).

    For more information, visit Miller's website at, call 1-800-4-A-Miller (800-426-4553), e-mail, fax 877-327-8132, or write to Miller Electric Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 100, Lithonia, GA 30058.

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