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Designed to strengthen consumer confirmation processes, ID Analytics for Authentication(TM) enables organizations to validate customer identities during online and call center interactions. Network-based solution separates legitimate and suspicious identities and can also detect attempted use of synthetic or fictitious identities. Additionally, solution helps reduce customer abandonment rates as well as eliminate unnecessary, intrusive contact with legitimate, trustworthy customers.

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Network Based Authentication Strengthens Online Security for Half the Price of Current Technology

SAN DIEGO, June 30 -- ID Analytics, Inc., the leader in on-demand identity intelligence, today announced the availability of ID Analytics for Authentication(TM), a network based authentication solution that enables organizations to validate customer identities during online and call center interactions. ID Analytics for Authentication accurately separates legitimate and suspicious identities while reducing customer abandonment rates and lowering the cost of an authentication session by up to 50 percent.

"Identity proofing, or the validation of an identity, is the weakest link in most consumer authentication processes. Whether an individual is enrolling in a social network or establishing a new account, trusted relationships begin with trusted identities," said Todd Higginson, director of product marketing, ID Analytics, Inc. "ID Analytics for Authentication allows organizations to intelligently guide the authentication process while protecting the consumer experience."

Consumers' demands for speed and convenience during online and call center interactions have resulted in an increased need for organizations to serve customers whom they may never actually meet. Identity proofing supports critical interactions across the customer lifecycle including new customer enrollments, password resets, address changes, issuance of security credentials, or the execution of high-value transactions.

While online credentials such as passwords and identification tokens are often authenticated prior to each transaction, the identity associated with the credential is only authenticated once -- during the initial identity proofing process. This same challenge applies to physical credentials such as credit cards and government issued identity documents.

"While the vast majority of consumers support the use of authentication questions when protecting personal information, Gartner research highlights the fact that cost has been a hindrance to broad adoption of this technology within call center and online environments," said Avivah Litan VP Distinguished Analyst for Gartner. "Whether you're protecting financial accounts or guarding sensitive information such as healthcare records, identity proofing plays a critical role in the authentication process."

ID Analytics for Authentication is a network based authentication solution that leverages Advanced Analytics(SM) and the ID Network(R), the nation's only real-time, cross-industry compilation of identity information, to intelligently authenticate individuals. By clarifying the complex information patterns that make up an individual identity, ID Analytics for Authentication provides the ability to differentiate between high- and low-risk identities while eliminating unnecessary, intrusive contact with legitimate, trustworthy customers. In addition, this technology protects organizations, and the customers they serve, by detecting the attempted use of synthetic, or fictitious, identities -- overcoming a known limitation of most data verification tools.

The ID Network provides a proprietary repository of information used as the source for dynamically generated questions that cannot be answered by simple examination of public records or credit reports. In this way, ID Analytics for Authentication delivers a unique view of individual identity risk combined with strong authentication questions that cost 50 percent less than existing question-based authentication products.

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About ID Analytics, Inc.

ID Analytics, the leader in on-demand identity intelligence, provides unprecedented real-time visibility into the risk of individuals, protecting both organizations and consumers. ID Analytics pioneered identity scoring technology. ID Analytics combines three unique capabilities to assess risk and improve the customer experience across all consumer touch points: the ID Network(R) -- the nation's only real-time, cross-industry compilation of identity information; Personal Topology(TM)-- an individual's particular identity characteristics and their connectedness to each other; and ID Analytics' proprietary Advanced Analytics(SM). Leading communications and financial services companies, as well as major retailers, government agencies and healthcare insurers, all trust ID Analytics to provide solutions that drive new revenue opportunities, reduce financial losses, and facilitate compliance with federal regulations. ID Analytics is based in San Diego, CA.

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