Augusta Fiberglass Plans for the Possibility of a Renewed Need for Stack Liners and Fiberglass Vessels for American Power Plants

Augusta Fiberglass, a pioneer in the construction, fabrication and erection of Jet Bubbler Reactor Vessels and Stack Liners has initiated an internal review of those projects so that the company will be ready to meet possible future needs as the winds of change in governmental attitudes driven by necessity appear likely.

The Jet Bubbler Reactor Vessels are the largest fiberglass vessels ever produced being 119 feet in diameter and 64 feet tall.  To fabricate these vessels, Augusta developed unique methods of construction including using a rail road track to allow the giant mandrels to turn. Complete buildings were constructed to protect the vessels during fabrication. Once the vessels were completed the buildings and mandrels were removed leaving the completed free standing vessels ready for connection to the furnace system.

Augusta also provided more than 11 miles of large diameter stack liners for the power industry with many in excess of 700 feet in height. The engineering of the liners required finite element analysis and precise calculations to insure proper laminate properties and alignment. Installation placed great pressure on the workmen who applied the seams and kept the sections in line. Other standard fiberglass reinforced tanks, duct, pipe and scrubbers were also provided.

As America moves forward, when Coal is once again recognized for what it can do for American Power, Augusta Fiberglass will be ready to resume its position as the leader in Fiberglass Fabrication for the power industry.

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Augusta Fiberglass ( is Headquartered  in South Carolina on a 300+ acre site with more than 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space under roof, and two additional sites at  BD Plastics in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and it’s new site in Angleton, Texas, Augusta Fiberglass, annually converts millions of pounds of resin and fiberglass fabric into custom designed fiberglass tanks, duct, scrubbers, stack liners, stacks, and other equipment

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