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Type I Spur and Type II Ship Auger Bits feature Power Band Tip, which keeps all drilling power focused to cutting edge. Ranging in size from ¼-1½ in. dia with overall lengths of 7½, 13, and 17 in., Type I bits utilize cutting spur to cut clean holes in applications unlikely to encounter nails or staples. Type II units range from 3/8-1½ in. with overall lengths of 7½, 17, and 24 in. Self-feeding screw point cuts through nails, staples, and screws in soft or hard wood.

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Bosch Power Band Auger Bits Put Power Where It Counts

Bosch introduces Complete Type I Spur and Type II Ship Auger Bits

Mount Prospect, Ill. July 5, 2005 - Wood drilling with current auger bits offer little comparison after working with the new Bosch Type I Power Band Spur and Type II Power Band Ship Auger Bit line. Instantly, professionals realize that smoother, faster and cleaner holes are possible with the addition of the Bosch Power Band Tip, which focuses drilling power toward each bits super-sharp cutting edge. The new line marks the first complete auger bit line from Bosch Power Tools and Accessories, a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.

The Power Band Tip is an innovative new Bosch auger bit feature. As other bits bind or struggle to cut, the Bosch Power Band Tip keeps all the drilling power focused to the cutting edge. For electrical, plumbing, HVAC, general construction and landscaping contractors, the new bits make drilling holes to run conduit, copper pipe, PVC, gas lines or even alignment holes for retaining walls or railroad ties much easier. Drilling is simply faster and cleaner.

The Bosch Type I Power Band Spur Auger Bit line ranges in size from 1/4, to 1-1/2-inch diameters and 7-1/2, 13 and 17 -inch overall lengths. While both types of bits utilize their screw point tip to pull themselves into either soft or hard woods, the Bosch Spur Auger utilizes a cutting spur to cut clean, fast holes for applications unlikely to encounter nails or staples. This is accomplished by scoring the outside diameter of the hole, which also reduces splintering and blowout as the bit enters and exits the wood. Low-friction, solid center flutes with black-oxide coating reduces chip clogging and provides added rigidity. The fully heat-treated bit is durable and a quick-change power groove hex shank allows for easy bit changes in both power and impact drills.

The Bosch Type II Power Band Ship Augers include diameters ranging from 3/8 to 1-1/2 -inches and overall lengths of 7-1/2, 17 and 24 -inches. Though nails, staples or screws might be considered an obstruction for some bits, Bosch engineered this bit's heavy duty cutting edge and self-feeding screw point of these new bits to cut right through such impediments in soft or hard wood. Low-friction black oxide coated flutes also reduce chip clogging, while a hollow center provides a wide-open channel for fast chip removal. A rougher cut than a Spur Auger, these fully heat treated Bosch bits will drill the hole wherever a professional needs it. A universal power groove hex shank adds stability within the bit holder while making bit changes simple and adding efficiency for more powerful tools, such as impact drills.

Serious tool users will find the new Bosch line of Type I Power Band Spur Augers and Type II Power Band Ship Augers where quality power tool accessories are sold.

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