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Featuring Shadocaster™ nearfield scattering acoustic design, Models PX600 and PX300 enable tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering. Acoustic Pinpoint™ absolute positioning system helps ensure high repeatability from session to session and user to user for continuity-critical applications. All systems combine sonic precision of fully DSP-controlled active 3-way monitors, with flexibility of Monitor Control System and precision of ultra-low-jitter digital audio USB sound card.

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Phasx(TM) Introduces New Patented Technologies in Compact Digital Audio Desktop Monitoring Systems at NAMM '15 - Exhibit Booth 7321

Phasx Desktop Audio Monitoring Systems Provide Cutting Edge Acoustics and Killer DSP for DJs, Recording Artists and Videographers

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- NAMM -- Phasx Technologies, Inc. chooses NAMM '15 as their official new product production launch.  Phasx introduces their all-new desktop studio monitor line for pro audio.

Phasx Technologies introduces a new line for pro audio in the PX600 and PX300.  The PX600 and PX300 desktop audio monitoring systems deliver top-end performance for tracking, editing, mixing and mastering.  The systems are compact and affordable and purpose built for desktop audio production.  Phasx' patented nearfield scattering acoustic design, Shadocaster(TM), combined with comprehensive DSP technology makes it possible for users to produce master quality audio on a desktop.  Traditionally, this level of audio quality has only been feasible in dedicated control rooms.  Phasx systems work with all of today's top digital audio workstations on PC, Mac and Linux as well as traditional analog audio consoles.

Phasx has created the world's first pro audio monitoring system designed for professional desktop audio production.  With their patented absolute positioning system, Acoustic Pinpoint(TM), users are ensured high repeatability from session to session and user to user for Continuity Critical applications.

All Phasx monitoring systems combine the sonic precision of fully DSP controlled active 3-Way monitors, with the flexibility of a world-class Monitor Control System and the precision of a high-resolution ultra-low-jitter digital audio USB sound card.

No one has ever built a monitoring system this advanced for mass production.  Advancements in acoustics of this magnitude have not been made in speaker technology in over 30 years.


Founded in 2006, Phasx Technologies, Inc. makes professional studio monitors and control systems for desktop audio production. Based in Apopka, Florida, the company is run by its two founders leading a team of engineers, musicians and artists who are passionate about music and high quality audio.

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