ATS Now A Distributor of Accumac Inc Products

Accurate Thermal Systems based in Hainesport, NJ, specializes in manufacturing and supplying precision temperature sources for a wide range of applications as well as distributing temperature measurement products and systems.

Accurate Thermal Systems is proud to announce that it is now a distributor for Accumac Inc, products.

Accumac Inc, manufactures a complete range of precision temperature readouts, high stability/high accuracy Platinum Resistance Thermometers and Type S reference thermocouples. These bench top and hand held instruments and measuring sensors are a good choice for customers looking to improve the measurement accuracy of their process, calibration system and operation overall. Various sensor diameters are offered for measuring the temperature in liquid baths, ovens, dry block temperature calibrators, incubators, lab equipment, test chambers, sterilizers and many other applications. Platinum resistance thermometers can be used to measure temperatures from -200 to 660°C with measurement uncertainties down to +/-0.025 at 660°C. If you need to check temperatures above 660°C consider the reference Type S thermocouples that measure temperatures up to 1400°C at an uncertainty of +/-0.6.

To protect your investment in a precision temperature probe we highly recommend the convenient carrying cases.

We offer factory ITS90 calibrations of the readouts and sensors that are compliant to ISO17025 as well as fully accredited 17025 calibrations depending on your requirements and budget. We suggest you compare the prices, specifications and quality of these products to those of the equivalent, large, big name manufacturers. We’re certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Contact us today for a quote on our various products. Have a question regarding your temperature source or measuring application? Give us a call we would be happy to help.

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