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Asset Tracking Software provides 2D label support.

Press Release Summary:

Jul 23, 2014 - With 2D Dot label, The Total Track™ System enhances tracking of all government assets. System also alerts when preventative maintenance is due on all equipment, tools, and vehicles. Also included, inventory function tracks consumable supplies, keeps track of Min and Max levels, and tells user when items are due for purchase. With 2D labels, users can track items where typical barcode labels will not adhere, such as on surfaces that are not flat or smooth.

Dynamic Systems, Inc. - Redmond, WA

Original Press Release

DOD Equipment Tracking System Adds 2 D Label to the Total Track System

Press release date: Jul 18, 2014

Redmond, Washington -- Dynamic Systems, Inc, a leader in Barcode Tracking Systems for Government Agencies has announced the release of the 2 Dimensional (2D) Dot label for The Total Track ™ System.

About Property and Equipment Tracking
For the past 10 years the DOD has a requirement to tag government property (GFP) with a unique identification number (UID) that is serialized. The 2 D label will enhance the tracking of all government  assets.

The system also alerts  when preventative maintenance is due on all equipment, tools and vehicles. The software also includes an inventory function that will track consumable supplies and keep minimum and maximum levels and tell you when items are due for purchase.

Release of The 2 D Dot labeling System
Dynamics systems offers a variety of barcode labels formats including preprinted polyester labels with adhesive backing, metal tags, custom labels, and now The 2 Dimensional Label.

The introduction of 2 D labels allows users to track items where the typical barcode label won’t adhere. Examples are where the surface of the tool being tracked is not flat or smooth. The 2 D label allows tools and equipment that are stored under harsh conditions of high and low temperatures and has a small foot print to be tracked more effectively.

About Dynamic Systems
Dynamic Systems has been a national leader in Barcode Tracking Solutions to the government since 1981. The software provides flexible, complete and configurable programs for Tool and equipment tracking, document tracking,  stockroom, and fixed asset management. Barcode Data Collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking and counting items.

“I’m impressed with potential of the 2 D label and the simplicity and adaptability of your  Total Track ™ System. It’s affordable for most agencies, even those with just a hand full of employees,” stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant.

Cost Justification
Advantages of the use of barcode include: eliminating errors, improved staff productivity, reduced lost or stolen equipment, and improved safety.

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