Asset Tracking Software eliminates customization costs.

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Comprised of products used to manage entire lifecycle of assets, Passport gives IT departments configurable and customizable system to facilitate manufacturing inventory tracking. Scalable, SQL-based platform bar-code system gives CEO and CFOs hierarchy visibility of their data while offering IT managers full control over back-end databases, security, and user setting. Solution can also integrate with existing accounting, ERP, and CRM solutions.

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Innovative Enterprise Inventory, Assets and Tracking Management System Eliminates Customization Cost in Tight Economy

ASAP launches Passport to give IT departments a powerful, easily configurable and customizable asset tracking software - no custom code, no hidden costs The number one complaint we hear from potential customers about tracking management systems on the market today is the considerable on-going cost of making changes to the software to mirror changes in their business environment

San Jose, CA -- October 15, 2008 -- The experience of purchasing enterprise software is full of costs on the back end. Over time, the cost of purchasing a system may be smaller than the cost of updating the software to meet current business needs. Revising and updating software field names alone can cost several hundred thousand dollars over hundreds of fields that may need changing on a regular basis. Suddenly, customization becomes a significant expenditure.

Veteran technology company ASAP Systems today announced the launch of Passport, an asset- management software system designed to eliminate "cost-creep" in this segment. The SQL-based platform bar-code system is a suite of products including Passport Assets, Passport Inventory, Passport Checkout and Passport Suite that manages the entire lifecycle of inventory and assets. This powerful flexible, scalable system is designed specifically as a solution for easing tracking pains for manufacturing inventory tracking and facilities management for industries such as electronics, healthcare, construction and government.

"The number one complaint we hear from potential customers about tracking management systems on the market today is the considerable on-going cost of making changes to the software to mirror changes in their business environment," stated Elie Jean Touma, ASAP Systems' CEO. "We listened to what users, IT managers, manufacturing and facilities managers, CEO's and CFO's said would be their ideal system and developed Passport to meet those requirements. It is a perfect turnkey solution for small-medium sized departments, national organizations, and large global corporations because of its scalability and its ability to integrate with existing accounting, ERP and CRM solutions."

CEO and CFOs have a hierarchy visibility to their data; IT managers have full control over the back end databases, security, and user setting. Key features include user defined field names, reports, labels, and dashboards as well as exports to common formats such as excel, pdf and html. The system works with all standard technologies including SQL Databases, Windows Operating Systems, and Windows Mobile 5 mobile operating systems. Product demos can be viewed at

About ASAP Systems
ASAP Systems is a veteran provider of next generation inventory and asset tracking software for small-medium size and global companies across a broad range of industries. ASAP System's flagship product, Passport, allows companies of all sizes (small to large enterprises) to manage their inventory, track multiple locations, generate management report, print barcode labels and catalogs, resulting in improved control and performance. It is the industry's only all-in-one system with inventory, asset and check-in/check out tracking capability. Over 1 million inventory items are tracked using ASAP solutions in many industries worldwide to improve the productivity and responsiveness of business operations. ASAP System's serves several hundred clients including Kaiser Permanente, Sony, Cadbury's, and Deloitte. For more information, visit

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