Assembly System is completely self-contained.

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Powered by electric motor, CNC-controlled ServoPress System Model 416/4000 has embedded loadcell and amplifier for force feedback in addition to 16-bit resolver for tracking ram stroke position. There is no risk of RFI on internal force and positioning feedback signals, and internal servo drive and DAQ system provide closed-loop force and position control. Capabilities include 1,125 lb peak load, 675 lb continuous-duty load, 7.87 in. max ram stroke, and 7.874 ips max ram speed.

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SCHMIDT Technology Introduces ServoPress Model 416/4000 Assembly System

Cranberry Twp., PA, December 30, 2006 - SCHMIDT Technology Corporation recently introduced its seventh electric motor-powered, CNC-controlled ServoPress System - Module 416 with PressControl 4000 Sequence/Monitor Controller. Similar to SCHMIDT's other ServoPress Systems that feature 100% quality assurance and verification, Model 416/4000 offers a peak load of 1,125 lbs., 675 lbs continuous duty load, up to 7.87 inches of ram stroke and a maximum ram speed of 7.874 inch/second. The SCHMIDT Module 416 head unit features an embedded loadcell and amplifier for force feedback and a 16-bit resolver for tracking the ram stroke position. By completely integrating these components into the Module 416, SCHMIDT virtually eliminates the risk of RFI on the internal force and positioning feedback signals. The PressControl 4000 and the Module 416 internal servo drive and data acquisition system provide true closed-loop force and position control of the ServoPress ram. A mechanical clutch protects the ball screw spindle and motor drive in the event of a premature load or crash. The precision-ground, stainless steel, square ram is flange mounted and roller bearing guided for maximum accuracy.

The Windows-based operating system of the Model 416/4000 provides simple, application-specific process data management. The SCHMIDT process monitoring and control software provides real-time data acquisition and feedback as well as simplifies the setup of force and position parameters for the motion profile. The patented SCHMIDT MovTol (Move Tolerance) accommodates varying part heights. To ensure pressing accuracy and repeatability, the monitoring software will compensate for the dynamic yield of both the assembly components and the structural frame holding the ServoPress module. To significantly reduce tooling setup time, many application settings can be stored in the PressControl 4000. SCHMIDT ServoPress Systems, unlike other industrial servo actuators, are completely self-contained, plug & play ready, and easily configured. The virtually maintenance-free ServoPress 416/4000 is available as either a modular head unit that provides custom machine builders with a ready to install turnkey solution or as a complete and tooled cell with light curtain guarding, safety circuit and operator interface.

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