ASI DATAMYTE Receives Patent for Its LightStar(TM) Residual Torque Measurement System

Plymouth, MN, USA - ASI DATAMYTE announced today that on May 3, 2011 the U.S. Patent Office issued patent number 7,934,428 for the residual torque analysis technology used in the company's LightStar(TM) line of torque and angle wrenches and measurement system.

"This validates ASI DATAMYTE's claim that its residual torque measurement solution, comprised of its Model 600 Data Collector and LightStar(TM) torque wrenches with angle, is unique and superior in accuracy to any other provider's residual torque measurement solution or product," says Frank Voigt, the company's President and CEO.

The technology empowers the application of a torque rate differentiation method known as "angle restart." This approach was developed specifically to eliminate the false high and false low readings associated with peak measurement and to eliminate the error inducing guesswork associated with the capture angle methodology. This is done by detecting the change in angular torque rate between flex or windup as torque is initially applied and actual fastener rotation. Angle restart torque is captured at the start of actual fastener rotation where the torque curve transitions from the windup slope to the rotation slope. In other words, Angle Restart captures residual torque at the instant of fastener rotation.

Advantages to the patented LightStar(TM) torque measurement system using angle restart include:

o Accurate and consistent residual torque measurement, independent of the joint type.
o No second guessing readings. The question of whether an out of spec reading indicates a torque assembly problem or an improperly set capture angle does not arise.
o Immunity to gyro drift. The angle restart method effectively cancels out the drift by comparing torque rates.
o Torque is captured at the instant of actual fastener rotation.
o Full and accurate capturing of the effect of material failure.
o Automatic capture of nonconforming torque/time and torque/angle curves provides documentation of under torque, over torque, and material failure conditions.

"The net result," notes Frank Skog, ASI DATAMYTE Product Manager for LightStar(TM), "is that he operator doesn't need engineering estimates to put him in the ballpark and he doesn't have to guess a capture angle. Consequently, the potential chain-reaction of errors built upon a bad guess go away."

More information regarding ASI DATAMYTE's patented LightStar(TM) torque and angle wrenches and measurement system can be found on the company's web site at

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