ASG Medical Systems, LLC is Pleased to Announce our New Products

ASG Medical Systems, LLC remains in the forefront of the Medical Device Industry technology with its introduction of 4 NEW MACHINES: 1.) our Advanced Guidewire Feeder (AGF) with in-line cutter, 2.) our Accu-Test High Voltage Catheter Fault Detector*, 3.) our Center Pick Feeder (CPF), and 4.) our all-in-one Cut-Slit-Flare (CSF). (*The Catheter fault detector is made in Partnership w/ The Clinton Instrument Co.)

The Advanced Guidewire Feeder (AGF) with in-line cutter introduces a "cut-to-length" capability for automated guidewire grinding and can make 10 or more guidewires from a single input wire. This AGF paired with your centerless grinder can now feed, grind, and cut your guidewires to precise lengths from 10-400 cm. These two process steps-in-one save labor, floor space, and cycle time, meaning a faster throughput and higher output, tighter customer specs and quality, less scrap, and fewer grinders needed! To speed set-up time and process changeovers, the AGF is computer controlled with a color touch screen, an automatic bar code recipe selection, measurement during processing, and super precise wire position feedback to your grinder.

Advanced Guidewire Feeder (w/Cutter)

High Voltage Catheter Fault Detector* (w/CPF and sort bins)

The Accu-Test High Voltage Catheter Fault Detector pairs the Clinton Instrument Company's renowned High Voltage (HV) Tester with ASG's best and newest Center Pick Feeder (CPF). This machine pairing automatically feeds your materials into, and sorts good from bad coming out of the HV Tester into separate bins so there is no mixing or error of validated, integrity checked products. This system detects any exposed wire caused by missing, voided, or damaged insulation on catheters containing metal braid or wire. No longer is it necessary to have a slow and difficult manual inspection process - you can load your batch into the feed bin and attend to other duties until it is done. You won't have long, though, as this system will process a blazing 500-800 units per hour! (*Made in partnership w/ the Clinton Instrument Co.)

The Center Pick Feeder (CPF) is the latest and greatest in feeding technology and the newest member of our leading-edge Accu-Feed family. The CPF uses an accurate and trouble free center pick process to pick and stage your materials for feeding and retracting, if desired, into any number of operations and then feeding to one or two separate processes. The CPF is capable of handling wires, tubes, catheters, and rods from .010-.350 OD and length from 8 to 240 inches. The beefed up insulation is designed to guarantee electronic integrity when used with a High Voltage Inspection device, such as the Catheter Fault Detector above. With the CPF, inefficient manual feeding and binning of materials is a thing of the past!

Center Pick Feeder (CPF)

Cut-Slit-Flare (CSF)

To our knowledge, the Cut-Slit-Flare (CPF) is the first machine of its kind to integrate cutting, slitting, and flaring of thermoplastic tubing (including PTFE) into one machine operation. Through the HMI, it is fully programmable for cut and slit lengths and for flare parameters. This amazing machine allows for a barcode recipe setup which an operator can scan for established jobs and it is fully guarded. Further, the CSF can be integrated with a feeder or dereeler for a true bin-to-bin operation, greatly automating your processes!

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