Artwork for Cliche' Plates

Quality artwork is essential in the pad printing process.  Quality artwork usually refers to a solid black image on a white background.  You may be familiar with the term "Camera Ready" which comes from a time when all artwork was photographed not created on a computer. 

When sending artwork to Pad Printing Technology for use in making your clichés, it needs to be camera-ready.  The best way to do this is to send your artwork in a PDF Vector Black or Adobe Illustrator format in the highest possible resolution.

Artwork types that are NOT camera ready include: facsimiles, business cards and photocopies.  Photocopies and facsimiles do not provide an image that is solid enough to be photographed without errors. Logos and Business cards are usually too small which makes it hard to duplicate on a cliché.

Making cliché plates also requires a proper layout in addition to "camera ready" artwork.  It is helpful to us if you have a layout showing the orientation and location of your image.  If we do not have a layout with the artwork, we have the ability to have one made and can send it to you via fax or email for your approval.

If our customers follow the proper guidelines for submitting their art work, we can ensure their cliché plates will be accurate.

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