Articulating Video Borescope utilizes metal-braided probes.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring portable, handheld design, Rigel Articulating Video Borescope is suited for routine inspections in harsh environments. Waterproof, interchangeable probes provide tip articulation of 120° in 2 directions for 9.8 ft models and 180° in each direction for 3.3 and 6.5 ft models. Equipped with CMOS video chip and adjustable LED illumination, borescope has ergonomic control unit with 3.5 in. color digital LCD. Data can be stored on SD card or transferred via USB or video output.

Original Press Release:

Medit Inc. Has Announced Upgraded, Extra-Durable Rigel Articulating Video Borescope

The Device is Now Available with Rugged, Interchangeable Metal-Braided Probes Well-Suited for Routine Inspections in Harsh Environments 

Today, Medit, Inc., a big North American online company that offers reliable NDT equipment, introduced an enhanced version of their Articulating Video Borescope Rigel, now available with metal-braided probes.

“We are happy to present new Rigel with extra-durable probes to professionals, who are looking for a compact, portable device that is also reliable and cost-effective,” said Terry Peristerakis, Sale Manager at Medit, Inc.

Camera’s Other Outstanding Features

The Rigel Articulating Video Borescope has been one of the most in-demand devices for many years for several reasons. First, it is a portable, hand-held device, enabling one operator to conduct quick and efficient inspections and obtain highly informative reports without the need of any assistance or additional equipment.

Secondly, it features extra rugged, yet maneuverable probes with groundbreaking tip articulation - 120 degrees in 2 directions for 3 m (9.8’) probes and 180 degrees in each direction for 1m (3.3’), 2m (6.5’). Not only does this increase probes’ pushability, it also means that operators can view all of pipe interior in one, easy run. All probes are completely waterproof and interchangeable, which makes the device highly versatile and cost-efficient in comparison with other similar devices in the same price range. A special lock on the probe’s body allows operators to stabilize the tip in the chosen position and capture clear, sharp images of the area of interest.

Thirdly, the camera comes with a sensitive CMOS video chip (100,000 pixels for 4 mm probes, 450,000 pixel for 5.5 mm probes) and powerful LED light illumination, which can be easily adjusted depending on the lighting conditions to achieve the best image quality.

And finally, the Rigel Articulating Video Borescope has a compact, ergonomic control unit with a 3.5” color digital LCD, intuitive control buttons and an anti-slip rubber handle. The system allows for storing data on an SD memory card or transferring it to external devices via USB or video output. Rigel uses a rechargeable LI-polymer battery as a power supply, ensuring safe, wire-free inspections.

Overall, the Rigel Articulating Video Borescope is a great combination of precision, portability and what is even more important – price. 

The camera is available immediately at

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