Articulating Borescope supports high-risk inspections.

Press Release Summary:

Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery, Freedomview Advanced Borescope combines 360° angulation, no light loss LED lighting, joystick-controlled operation, and 3.7 in. transflective touchscreen display. Hand-held viewing device works with 79 in. tungsten-braided probes that are highly maneuverable, capable of passing multiple obstacles and bends in pipe due to articulating 11 m distal end with 110° articulation in each direction. System is certified for Class 1 Div 2 hazardous locations.

Original Press Release:

Freedomview Advanced Articulating Borescope for High-Risk Inspections is Available Immediately from Medit Inc.

Great Combination of Enhanced Image Capturing and Processing Features, Durability, Compact Design and All That at Affordable Price  

Medit, Inc., a big North American online company that has been offering innovative NDT equipment and accessories locally and internationally for over a decade, has announced a new addition to their line of portable hand-held viewing tools – Freedomview Advanced Borescope.

“Made in USA, the scope does not only meet all professional quality and safety requirements, but comes at an affordable price, unexpected in devices of its class,” said Terry Peristerakis, Sale Manager at Medit, Inc.

Camera’s Other Outstanding Features

Freedomview, a compact, hand-held viewing device with outstanding 360° angulation, patented no light loss LED lighting technology and joystick-controlled operation is a “grab and go” device with a wide scope of professional characteristics, among which is an American Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Locations Certification. It is ideal for use in many applications, including: examining suspicious vehicles, objects or structures during law enforcement, customs or military operations; inspecting aircraft and helicopter engines’ internal parts; during routine maintenance of power generators, turbines, reservoirs, tanks, and other high-risk objects hazardous for humans. 

The Scope is extremely easy to hold and operate. It works with long (2m/79”), durable, tungsten-braided probes that are highly maneuverable, capable of passing multiple obstacles and bends in the pipe due to articulating 11m distal end with 110° articulation in each direction.

The control unit comes with a 3.7” transflective touchscreen display allowing to view inspections in great detail right on site. The joystick-controlled operation greatly enhances inspection process and makes it much easier for operators to perform various functions. All inspection findings can then be saved to an SD card or streamed to a laptop for future documenting.

Freedomview Advanced Articulating Borescope works on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which increases operators’ mobility, freedom of movement and overall efficiency.

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