Arm Sling Vest reduces stress on wearer's neck.

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Offered in 3 sizes and 2 colors, ergonomic Arm Sling Vest can be used helps people such as athletes and stroke patients quickly and comfortably heal their arms. Product can be used by individuals who have injured their arm or shoulder or those recovering from heart surgery. Designed to offer comfort and stability, vest works best with constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) rehabilitation, which requires arm stabilization.

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Fieldtex Products Inc. Launches Arm Sling Vest

New product designed to reduce stress on neck Rochester, NY -Fieldtex Products, an innovative company known for continuously expanding their product base, has officially launched the Arm Sling Vest. The Arm Sling Vest is an ergonomically friendly product that was introduced to Fieldtex Medical by a local inventor. Unlike traditional arm slings, this unique vest is specifically designed to reduce the stress placed on the neck. Fieldtex is very excited to be able to offer this exclusive alternative to the arm sling on their website, there consumers can purchase the product in various sizes and colors. Fieldtex Products Inc. was founded in 1972. The company's divisions are dedicated to manufacturing premium custom sewn products and distributing superior quality first aid and medical supplies. Since 1996, Fieldtex Medical has grown substantially, now accounting for almost 50% of the company's yearly revenue. Adding the Arm Sling Vest contributes to their growing sports medicine line. Although Fieldtex does carry the traditional arm, those slings are made from inflexible fabrics which may cause neck pains and distinct pressure points. The sling vest was invented to reduce stress on the neck while suspending the arm. The Arm Sling Vest is frequently used by athletes and stroke patients who use the vest to quickly and comfortably heal their arms. The vest works best with a type of rehabilitation called constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) which requires stabilization of the arm. The vest is also used by individuals who have injured their arm or shoulder or those recovering from heart surgery. Whether you're a doctor looking to offer patients a comfortable alternative or a consumer looking for relief from traditional arm slings, Fieldtex is the place to buy! The arm vest sling comes in three different sizes, two different colors and offers comfort and stability. Also if you're looking for any other medical supplies or sports medicine equipment- Fieldtex Products is your one-stop-shop. For more information about Fieldtex Products please contact Jon Abbey at Or visit us at: More information about Fieldtex Products Inc.: Fieldtex Products Inc. was founded in Rochester, NY in 1973. Over the past 38 years, Fieldtex has continuously grown and evolved into the strong company that it is today. "At Fieldtex, we are continually adding new products to our inventory and expanding our product base," said Sanford Abbey, President and Owner of Fieldtex Products, Inc. And their hard work and success hasn't gone unnoticed- in 2010 they were named one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine! Fieldtex Cases produces soft sided carrying cases to house portable electronic equipment for medical and military markets while Fieldtex Medical is a supplier of first-aid and medical supplies.

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