Arieso Provides Optimisation Solutions for Shared Wireless Networks

November 12, 2007

First installation with T1 wireless operators a success

Newbury, UK & Atlanta, GA - Arieso, the leading wireless network planning and optimisation provider, has successfully deployed its ariesoACP solution with two Tier 1 wireless operators to achieve shared network optimisation. ariesoACP uses a powerful optimisation algorithm with flexible architecture that can simultaneously analyse and create links between a multitude of networks and technologies. The solution makes it possible for operators to maximise the efficiency and performance of shared networks, and can also be used to optimise non-radio applications, including backhaul costs.

The two operators deployed Arieso's tools and processes during the formation of one of the largest network sharing projects in the mobile communications market. Arieso's ACP tool was used for enabling selection out of thousands of GSM and UMTS sites, with both networks serving over 15 million subscribers. Arieso worked closely with the operators to ensure that the activity was not detrimental to day-to-day operation for either network. The ariesoACP solution was also used to bring a number of planning and database tools together under a single platform to make it easier for the operators to use.

ariesoACP enables efficient, fast and accurate network optimisation. Using multiple, simultaneous modifications of cell parameters, Arieso's solution quickly works through thousands of potential network designs to find a configuration that not only improves shared network performance but also decreases the level of operational expenditure, thus freeing up engineers time and the operators' resources.

Shirin Dehghan, CEO of Arieso, commented: "Network sharing is becoming an increasingly popular option to cut costs. This means fewer base stations are needed, which is better for the environment, and is more cost efficient for the network operators which can lead to cost reductions for the end-users.
However, it dramatically increases the complexity involved in optimising each network with independent business objectives. This is what we solve with our products."

Arieso will be exhibiting the IIR Network Sharing Strategy Forum in Prague in January 2008.

About Arieso

Arieso is the world-leading provider of capital planning and automatic network optimisation solutions and services. A privately held company founded in 2000 by a team of industry experts, Arieso's solutions and expertise deliver significant cost-savings to the operator community as well as a vastly improved mobile user experience.

Arieso's deep in-house knowledge of the complexities surrounding the allocation of capital for a mobile operator's radio infrastructure and the design, optimisation and overall efficiencies of mobile networks means that it can offer unrivalled optimisation solutions that can offer operators a far greater return on their network investment. At a time when most network operators are looking at driving cost out of their business Arieso optimisation solutions can offer typically 30% savings on network CapEx and OpEx.

Arieso optimisation solutions remove the need for repetitive drive-testing, instead rapidly providing enhanced network settings improving capacity, coverage and overall network quality. Arieso also offers advanced network optimisation services providing comprehensive strategies and tactics regarding network optimisation.

Arieso's customers include Vodafone, AT&T Mobility, O2, Telefonica, Nortel, Eurotel, Pocket and Qualcomm

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