Area Finishing Company Offers Businesses the Choice of In-House or Locally Outsourced Solutions

Sellersville, PA -- Precision Finishing, Inc. has the industry knowledge and experience to supply creative, cost-effective solutions for surface finishing and conditioning. The new You Do It or We Do It(TM) program provides even more flexibility and choices to manufactures needing parts finishing.

If a company wants to do all finishing work in-house at their facility, Precision Finishing, Inc. offers superior vibratory and blasting machines, media, and the CHEMTROL® compound for preparing surfaces on virtually any part type. A company can also choose to shift their operations offsite to Precision Finishing, Inc.'s ISO certified job shop. The You Do It or We Do It(TM) program allows for the flexibility to make sourcing decisions based on individual requirements and capabilities.

Jeffrey Bell, president of the Sellersville, PA based firm says that Precision Finishing, Inc.'s in-house quality control, quick turnover, experienced personnel, and efficient processes make the We Do It option an attractive alternative for companies looking for a local outsourcing partner. However, he notes that a You Do It option may work best for others. Bell explains, "Most surface preparation services offer one solution. We offer many in order to meet the capacity and budgetary constraints of our clients."

Tours of Precision Finishing Inc.'s laboratory and factory are offered to help determine which side of the You Do It or We Do It(TM) program best fits. Our onsite chemist, lab technician and finishers are also happy to formulate the perfect custom finishing compound for clients.

About Precision Finishing, Inc.

Precision Finishing's ISO 9000:2008 Certified Facility offers a combined 270 years of experience utilizing surface preparation and finishing technology. From the beginning, every member of our organization has tested and refined each step of the finishing process. The firm both sells finishing equipment to customers and finishes parts in its own facilities. Precision's CHEMTROL® product is a line of innovative vibratory and washing compounds developed and manufactured in-house.

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