Are You Safe Behind Locked Doors?

In today's society, even a locked door may not keep you safe!

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL - If you think that locking your door with a heavy-duty deadbolt will keep intruders out, think again! The "bad guys" have learned a new technique called "key-bumping". This allows you to open any deadbolt lock by repeatedly "bumping" the key until the key turns and unlocks the door. The "bumping" can easily be done with a screwdriver handle, or piece of wood, or any object.

Just about any locking mechanism can be defeated using this procedure. It leaves no signs of tampering or damage. This is very upsetting to most people because suddenly, horror thoughts of "home invasions" come to mind. Short of nailing your doors shut every night, there is little that you can do to ease these fears!

You have to equally worry if you live in a condo or in an apartment because in these situations others will, definetly have keys to your front doors. For example, for emergency reasons, landlords and maintenance people, all MUST have keys to your doors! And, for the women out there who have recently separated from their husbands or boyfriends, the thought of them dropping by unexpectedly, could be overwhelming!

Up until now, there was no solution to this problem. But now, a Deerfield Beach, Florida company, LOK-A-BOLT, Corp, (Division of LIGI TOOL & ENGINEERING, INC), has invented a simple and effective device that will prevent anyone with a key from entering your home while you and your family are inside. This little "doohickey" requires no installation. It takes only two seconds to hang it over the deadbolt knob and you're in business. Then, if someone tries to turn the key from the outside, the device "interferes" with the doorjamb and prevents the deadbolt from retracting. It is as simple as that!

The name given to this little device? The "Door Angel"! You gotta love it! The cost is $9.99.

You can see their video at the following link:

Also, check out "key bumping" on You will find dozens of web sites, detailing step-by-step video instructions on how to open any lock by "key bumping".

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