Architectural Lighting System Incorporates Weather Monitoring

One World Observatory opened last week in New York atop the Freedom Tower, otherwise known as One World Trade Center. Incorporated in the control system for the iconic Spire Lighting, an Orion Weather Station ™ from Columbia Weather Systems monitors weather conditions and triggers safety measures if certain parameters are exceeded.  The control system was designed and installed by Barbizon Lighting.

Via the Weather MicroServer, the station sends an XML file with current weather conditions via FTP to Barbizon's lighting control server every few minutes.  According to Kate Groener of Barbizon, "The server checks that file and reacts automatically to extreme conditions – for example, if the wind speed at the 1,776 feet is above 50 MPH the system will automatically shut down the beacon motor, or if the temperature is below -10 degrees Celsius the lights will automatically be turned on in order to generate heat and keep themselves from freezing over."

"The weather station is also used for real-time monitoring through the Barbizon Lighting's custom user interface so that maintenance workers can get an accurate idea of the conditions they are going to be dealing with up above the city," Groener adds.

Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, Columbia Weather Systems provides weather stations for environmental monitoring applications worldwide.

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